Spirit Untitled

Spirit Untitled

I AM THAT I AM. I do not need a title.

A spirit in the light realms is identified by their energy signature; It is a unique vibration, that belongs only to you, that only you have.

Physicality is an illusion. Spirit is formless, it’s greatness cannot be measured by anything, it is greater and beyond this physical body.

“See” and “Hear”

“See” and “hear”

I never liked reading books; I sure don’t like writing books either, or in this case long articles. More often than not I like to express myself in a sentence or two, instead of writing a long article that most people won’t read. Truth straight to the point. Most people just want “entertainment” these days; than again, what I choose to express in writing may just be seen as entertainment by many. Now, sharing your truth with a person face to face is something completely different,

Seeking Joy

Seeking joy

What makes us all the same?

Simple; We all seek joy.

We all seek to be happy because we know that deep within, JOY IS OUR NATURE.

JOY IS WITHIN US, it is our essence.

*From Heart to Heart;