Archangel Michael: Disclosure – God’s Way

145946107999181*Archangel Michael: Disclosure – God’s Way

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: From the love of twin flames, with one descending and the other ascending, both in alignment with their higher Selves, is the way this message is manifesting. With these movements of Light come a message of great importance concerning Disclosure and what is compelling it to take place. It has been pointed out many times that it is part of the process of Ascension because the awakening into full consciousness involves a liberation from the darkness that has been created to keep mankind ignorant of its potentials. Disclosure will take place by Divine Command and as a manifestation of the Divine Will. A revelation concerning all the truths

A Way to Perfection

25722-You-Are-Perfection-To-Me*A Way to Perfection

In this quote William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, uses the first commandment to show how following it can lead us to perfection.

The Council: To achieve the maximum in any lifetime, what you must do is totally accept that first Commandment, and that is, respect yourself enough so as not to have a false god within you. If you can respect yourself and respect your God, if you could look upon yourself as a true reflection in quality not quantity, but in quality, then you would realize that this would be

Jeshua – The Great Mystery

Picture-Jeshua*Jeshua – The Great Mystery

There is a great mystery in the Universe, and the mystery is that there is something, rather than nothing – that something exists. In the universe there is life, light, and consciousness; life dances and moves. How has this all come about? It is important that you first marvel at the mystery of life, light, and consciousness. These elements cannot exist in isolation; where there is life there is also light and consciousness. Light makes it so that life becomes manifest.

Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement

gabriel*Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: I come as the Archangel who makes announcements and delivers news. I come to announce that you are approaching a turn of Events that will be acute as a result of a truth being exposed in the media that will shake the world to its core. It will not be DISCLOSURE as the lightworkers hoped it would happen, but something

Zap/Poofness Update 3/29/2016

Untitled*Zap/Poofness Update 3/29/2016


Judas Iscariot 3/28/2016

the_gospel_of_judas_iscariot_by_testingpointdesign*Judas Iscariot 3/28/2016

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. There has now been a period of rest for all souls and bodies that need to recover from the last energy wave. Many suffer from various symptoms, but they will soon disappear. Remember to rest a lot and take good care of yourselves, you will then give the body a greater possibility to recover.

Sheldan Nidle Update 3/29/2016

UmmacDanSirian*Sheldan Nidle Update 3/29/2016

12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again. This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks. We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way

You’re Already the Master of a Craft. But Which Is It?

19AMOS-obit-master675*You’re Already the Master of a Craft.

Last night in the intensive-care unit, someone said of the patient we were visiting: “He was a master of his craft.”

That craft was drinking. Jaundice made the patient, now sedated, look sculpted from butter. He spent decades, including the day he reached the hospital, addicted to the substances that led him here. He had ingested these in massive quantities, devised ingenious means of getting them, assembled his whole world around them, risking everything on their behalf.

Forgiveness Where There is No Forgiveness

power-of-forgiveness_t*Forgiveness Where There is No Forgiveness

In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they explain how to deal with a situation where you have attempted to make amends for a wrong that you have committed but the other party does not wish to give forgiveness to you.

Questioner: The subject of forgiveness. If you have wronged someone and you have made reparations for it, your wrong to that person, and that person has not forgiven you, are you still held to that, even though you have forgiven yourself?

Neighborhood Down

bilde*Neighborhood Down

As you may have noticed by now I do not enjoy writing long articles often. I like to get straight to the point, express my truth in less words as possible. It is up to the reader to decipher my writings.

The motto is divide and conquer. But for this one group of people, for this community in America it was “drug and conquer”. We are talking about the Black or African-American Community.

Hilarion Weekly Message(3/27/2016)

hilarion2*Hilarion Weekly Message(3/27/2016)

Beloved Ones,

The world is moving into the process of renewal and regeneration. This can be readily seen in world events. All the outworn systems that do not serve the highest good of all are being highlighted through events that are taking place. It is difficult for humanity to comprehend that a higher law is in force when all that they see is chaos and a world gone mad. This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world have been incarnated upon this planet. Your Light is making a difference!

Cannabis-Friendliest States(usa)

medical-marijuana-cerebal-palsy*Which are the cannabis-friendliest states in the nation?

Okay, ranked in point order (out of a possible 500 points), the top 10 are:

Colorado (441 points).Well, duh. Cannabis is legal there, it has the most monthly pot smokers (11.45%), it’s got the third cheapest prices, the most Google searches, and is second in Facebook interest.

Zap/Poofness Update 3/27/2016

Untitled*Zap/Poofness Update 3/27/2016

Greetings and Salutations:


We are more hopeful now than we have been in the past that spigots will open and monies will become a reality. The changing, shifting tides and the movements of those who would count this activity are still on-going, yes, of course. But the efforts to stymie the forceful of their efforts and stem to redirect the tide of funds has been seen for what it is. Now Folks, do the nice thing and add your positive energies to this on-going efforts. The work of ZAP and his workers has been sabotaged enough that disintermediation of some import has been heavy handed. That too will get handled but not as quickly as the troops would like . They will make it through the sieve of tricks .. and trickery.

Ashtar Command: Ascension Process 3/22/2016

Ashtar-Command*Ashtar Command: Ascension Process

ASHTAR COMMAND: Dear ones, this is an Alert from Ashtar Command. We are approaching a time of difficulty because of the planetary adjustment that will take place with the process of Disclosure. The Earth has entered a most dense area of the Ring of Light that is called a Photon Belt, and the entire Solar System is being buffeted by electro-magnetic waves. These waves are instrumental to the Great Awakening as the photonic light and gamma rays of these electro-magnetic surges are stripping the psyche of mankind

We are Creating Beings

female-fire-creator-16015-1920x1080*We are Creating Beings

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, says that we are creating beings whether in the spiritual or physical.

Questioner: You stated, “If you cannot participate in some form of conscious creation, you will never grow.” Can activities such as painting pictures, writing poems, cooking meals or saying prayers be types of conscious creating that you

Adamu: An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds(Part 2of2)

Starseed-Test-Quiz-and-Traits-Sirian-and-Pleiadian-Starseed*Adamu: An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds(Part 2of2)

A New Perspective on The Great Flood

And all would have proceeded perfectly except one petulant little twit got it into his head to destroy all that he had built on his way out. *laughs* My friends. You shall have to forgive me. Your Adamu has seen much and there is not much that raises my ire any more. But in retelling this story I am brought back into the emotions that coursed through my being back then when I discovered this. One on the Anunaki gods in his mighty and godly fashion, decided if he had to leave earth that he would wipe out his whole creation on his way out. His own tribe that had worshipped him and done his every bidding. He decided to destroy And everything else that he could possibly destroy.

Adamu: An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds(Part 1of2)

adamu*Adamu: An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds(Part 1of2)

My Dear Friends

I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad. We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters.

You need to understand why you, as Pleiadian Starseeds, are here upon Earth. What your mission profile really is. And you need to understand why planet Earth and why now. You need then, also, to understand what will occur next. What’s next for Earth and what’s next for you. You need this information so that you can make an informed decision about where you will go next. What your next experience of life will be.

The Value of Meditation

What-is-Mindfulness-Meditation*The Value of Meditation

Can meditation and practice transcend your natural physical ability? William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, in the following exchange answers that for us.

Questioner: Council, take for example, you wish to be a great violinist or a fine violinist, something like that. If you meditated on it and also did the physical practice, could that transcend your normal talents?

Seven Health Benefits of Prune Juice

prune-plum*Seven Health Benefits of Prune Juice

1. Helps Digestion – Prunes are high in fiber, which you need to avoid hemorrhoids brought on by constipation. Chronic constipation is a common problem in older adults and can be caused by pelvic floor dysfunction or medication side effects. It can also be a painful problem for infants. Prune juice acts as a laxative thanks to its high

What Is Your Anger Trying to Tell You?

punch*What Is Your Anger Trying to Tell You?

Anger is the most maligned of all emotions. Once we’re conscious of the pain and destruction that comes from acting or speaking out of anger, it’s tempting to judge, stifle, or fear the emotion. But whenever we deny or reject what’s truly alive for us, we risk losing a connection to our authentic selves. So what if, instead, we allow our anger to take us deeper and tell us something about our needs?

Important Advice

*Important Advice

I have none, really.

What may be good for ME, may not be good for YOU.

I mean I can sit here and talk or type and pretend like I know something.

I bet I will sound very interesting. But the best advice I can give you is learn to LET GO.

Let go of anything and everything that does not bring you JOY.

Learn to LISTEN to your heart, your inner self, practice intuition.

Quiet your mind, breath, relax.

Don’t try to HEAR anything. But instead FEEL, FEEL YOUR OWN LIGHT burst, flow from YOUR OWN HEART, continuously, like a stream.

Again, most importantly, LET GO. LET GO. LET GO.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart; KejRaj!

Five Health Benefits of Cannabis

*Five Health Benefits of Cannabis

From the research I have done, there are over 100 healthy benefits of cannabis. But I have chosen to list just five at this time, the more important ones I guess you can say.

Cannabis is becoming increasingly popular to treat those who need it as a medical aid or medicine. There are at least two active chemicals in Cannabis that researchers think have medicinal application. Those are cannabidiol (CBD) which seems to impact the brain without a high and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has pain relieving properties.

Seeing the Goodness in People

*Seeing the Goodness in People

Here we have William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, telling us how to treat people we meet.

Questioner: William LePar said that spiritually successful people can look at anybody and see some goodness in them. And sometimes you look at somebody and you know in your mind that you are both made by the same Creator, but beyond that there is nothing to see.

Sheldan Nidle Update 3/22/2016

*Sheldan Nidle Update 3/22/2016

5 Manik 0 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The process to change this reality continues. This is for the most part an uneven effort. On one hand, we have the Ascended Masters, numerous secret societies and their close allies, those individuals sincerely dedicated to a quick and sane ending to the power and wealth of the dark’s many minions. These oligarchs were intent on a massive depopulation program, which has recently begun to have some effect on the world’s numerous underdeveloped and poorer countries.

Vegan Sources for Vitamin A

*Vegan Sources for Vitamin A

Sweet Potato                     180           214%
Carrots                                50             113%
Spinach                               41             105%
Kale                                      36             98%
Mustard Greens                36             96%
Collard Greens                  63             80%
Turnip Greens                   29             61%
Beet Greens                       39              61%
Swiss Chard                       35              60%
Winter Squash                  76              59%