The RV/GCR and Dinarland – TZX Intelligence Report

*The RV/GCR and Dinarland – TZX Intelligence Report

We all have to consider the fact that a lot of the information brought into Dinarland could be made up or exaggerations of the truth.

But is the RV/GCR fraudulent? No.

If you think the RV/GCR is fraudulent, then you are not seeing the big picture. The only real fraud that exists is the corporate entity governing the sovereign people of the united States of America known as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.

This corporation has been masquerading as a government and raping and pillaging the country as well as countless other countries since 1812. That specific war where the Crown decided to secretly take back our country. They were never planning on giving up America.

Who is the Crown?

The British Crown which is a part of the Dark Nobility and the Dark Nobility which is of Khazarian descent. Almost every single Royal bloodline in Europe is a part of the Dark Nobility.

What does this have to do with Dinarland?

The RV/GCR marks the END of the Khazarian Empire. Every attempt to call out the RV/GCR as a “scam” are efforts to keep the population in check. We are living in the Khazarian Empire, it’s just not in plain sight.

You may think, if you look at all of the years of past intel with thousands of predictions come and gone — how could the RV/GCR not be a scam?

That is a simple answer, we have been victims of a war between good and evil for nearly a decade. This war is about the control of information and ultimately about the benefit of humanity in favor of the good and enslavement in favor of the evil. Rumors of the situation of the war are bound to come out, for example — what happened at that battle? Are we winning? Are we losing? Is the war over yet?

These rumors come from not only Dinarland but also other communities such as Ascension and ET disclosure communities.

Although, we cannot deny the fact of certain individuals taking advantage of the situation with the Iraqi Dinar. This includes pumping and promoting sales of the currency.

What should we call this war?

Some may call it “Info Wars” as Alex Jones stated. In my opinion, I would simply rather call it “The Earth War” or “The War for Earth”.

So why is intel always proven to be false?

Intel providers only get their info from their sources. Their sources only give them info based on what they hear or see. Their sources could even have sources themselves. So basically, the information comes down a very long chain. Once the intel reaches Dinarland, it has already been altered, distorted and sometimes exaggerated. Not to mention, the addition of dates and times somewhere down the chain.

Ever played the game where you all sit in a circle and one is chosen to whisper a story to the one besides them? Then after the one hears it they whisper it to the next person until it comes back around to the one who told the story first. When the one who told the story first hears their own story, it’s been completely changed.


Do not lose hope, that is the most important. This is a war and hope has always been the most important factor of survival in every single war in human history. This war officially began sometime before the September 11 attacks. We were about to win this war until 9/11 occurred. Ever since then the war had been prolonged for over a decade.

It is now 2016, the war is once again almost over. The Khazarian Empire is being dismantled by the BRICS, Resistance Movements and Outer-world Beings. Multiple “9/11” type events have already been subverted in the past decade and will no longer happen ever again. Another “Fall of Rome” approaches. Out of the ashes of this war, humanity will usher in the Golden Age.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.

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