Sheldan Nidle Update 3/8/2016

*Sheldan Nidle Update 3/8/2016

4 Ben, 6 Ceh, 12 Manik

Dratzo! Several indicators show us that the initial humanitarian funds have been distributed to the appropriate accounts in Europe and North America. These funds are the first bellwether to be presented to us. They demonstrate that the ability to pass large amounts of funds across these templates does in fact exist. We fully expect that these funds are to prove that the gauntlet of the dark cabal is successfully breached. The next thing to occur is the final distribution to a number of individual accounts. This is to be a signal to our allies to initiate the complex process of completing the prosperity fundings. These are to initiate the rise of NESARA, first in the USA, and eventually the implementation of GESARA globally. In Asia and Africa, a number of vital infrastructure projects are then to be funded and begun. This is to mark the start of a vast global set of projects to end concerns about pure water and proper sanitation in many rural areas. Your world needs moreover to set up the means to oversee these large financial projects. A network of smaller “community-grown” operators is to be fully utilized.

Spiritual Creativeness

*Note from KejRaj;
Ever since I came across William LePar’s webpage and channelings about two years ago, I have been reading a lot from him and his channeling source. And I can honestly say out of all the channeled messages I have read and continue to read his I resonate to the most. I will be posting more from this source in the weeks and months to come.

*Spiritual Creativeness – The Law of Attraction

In this segment William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, explains spiritual creating and they give us insight into what is truly necessary to utilize The Law of Attraction. So many of us believe that desiring something strongly enough is all that is needed. The Council elaborates.