You have read the title correctly. If you are a naysayer in this process of universal change of which the RV/GCR play a ‘small’ part in, and you are a hopeless one, a non believer in this RV/GCR , than just GO AWAY.

Yes, it is that simple. Stop trying to discourage others, the stronger ones, the hopeful ones, the ones that KNOW our GIFT is HERE. Why waste your own time in bashing the intel providers, and trying to drag others on your side because you feel lonely. And you wonder where the ones that BELIEVE and keep HOPE alive get their strength from. It ALL comes from WITHIN, THEY FEEL IT, THEY KNOW IT. So stop the drama. Unless there is that little voice inside you that is telling you “KEEP your foreign currency, we are at the finish line”. You might not be that hopeless after all. Which may be the reason for YOU still hanging around in dinarland.

Have patience just a little longer, a few more DAYS perhaps. You have waited for years for this and now at the end you want to drop it all because your patience is running out. Relax, go out to the park and “chill”. Do that once a day at least, it will lift your spirit, and when you least expect it, you WILL receive the news, what you and we all have been waiting for is HERE NOW.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart KejRaj!

Last Thought

*Last Thought

No one can predict the future. But we can share our thoughts on the possibilities.

As we continue to move forward through the year of 2016 and onto 2017, many things will be unfolding. From the levels of corruptions in our governments to the Global Currency Reset to Disclosure and many events in between, one can’t help but wonder when are any of these events actually going to manifest. First we need to let go of time and dates, not important. What is important is to BELIEVE that these events are all ready unfolding. To find your peace and quiet time, and simply FEEL the INNER LIGHT, the inner knowing burst from the depths of your HEART.

A Massive Move In Gold

*A Massive Move In Gold

Up until January, the majority of people assumed that governments and central banks had everything under control. Zero-Interest and Negative-Interest rate policies coupled with unprecedented monetary printing appeared to have stabilized the economy and financial markets. But then something broke. Stock exchanges crashed following the New Year and investors the world over went into panic mode. They sold pretty much everything, including oil and the oft-touted Internet 2.0 behemoths that were, in some cases, selling at 500 times their earnings. It was a rush for the exits.