Sheldan Nidle Update 3/29/2016

UmmacDanSirian*Sheldan Nidle Update 3/29/2016

12 Ix, 7 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The slight delay around Easter is over and the funds are moving forward again. This cat-and-mouse game of stop/start is related to the concern of the ancient families and royals over the sudden way that the oligarchs strike and how they too often disregard whatever they have agreed to. This wariness is thus reflected in the odd way funds have moved over the past few weeks. We have sincerely questioned these tactics and suggested alternative methods for countering this continued distrust of the way

You’re Already the Master of a Craft. But Which Is It?

19AMOS-obit-master675*You’re Already the Master of a Craft.

Last night in the intensive-care unit, someone said of the patient we were visiting: “He was a master of his craft.”

That craft was drinking. Jaundice made the patient, now sedated, look sculpted from butter. He spent decades, including the day he reached the hospital, addicted to the substances that led him here. He had ingested these in massive quantities, devised ingenious means of getting them, assembled his whole world around them, risking everything on their behalf.

Forgiveness Where There is No Forgiveness

power-of-forgiveness_t*Forgiveness Where There is No Forgiveness

In this quote from William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they explain how to deal with a situation where you have attempted to make amends for a wrong that you have committed but the other party does not wish to give forgiveness to you.

Questioner: The subject of forgiveness. If you have wronged someone and you have made reparations for it, your wrong to that person, and that person has not forgiven you, are you still held to that, even though you have forgiven yourself?