Truth in Silence

Difference between the soul and higher self*Truth in Silence

The best way to express your truth is through silence. The important thing is YOU KNOW, that is all that matters. You have to allow others find their own truth, you must not try and persuade them towards anything. But when someone ASKS you to speak on a certain subject, to share your thoughts. What do you do?

When you begin to “speak”, is the truth that you had in “silence” beginning to change now that you are sharing it with someone else? Is your “tone” and body language starting to change? Do you try to sound more interesting and be more influential so you can “win” the other person, to get them on your side? And most important, TRUTHFULLY what do YOU SEE yourself as and what do you tell the other one you see yourself as? Do you give yourself a title; such as guru, enlightened one, master, and so on, or are you as humble as possible?! Surely and enlightened one needs not a title.

Neighborhood Down

bilde*Neighborhood Down

As you may have noticed by now I do not enjoy writing long articles often. I like to get straight to the point, express my truth in less words as possible. It is up to the reader to decipher my writings.

The motto is divide and conquer. But for this one group of people, for this community in America it was “drug and conquer”. We are talking about the Black or African-American Community.

Hilarion Weekly Message(3/27/2016)

hilarion2*Hilarion Weekly Message(3/27/2016)

Beloved Ones,

The world is moving into the process of renewal and regeneration. This can be readily seen in world events. All the outworn systems that do not serve the highest good of all are being highlighted through events that are taking place. It is difficult for humanity to comprehend that a higher law is in force when all that they see is chaos and a world gone mad. This is the time for which all Lightworkers of the world have been incarnated upon this planet. Your Light is making a difference!

Cannabis-Friendliest States(usa)

medical-marijuana-cerebal-palsy*Which are the cannabis-friendliest states in the nation?

Okay, ranked in point order (out of a possible 500 points), the top 10 are:

Colorado (441 points).Well, duh. Cannabis is legal there, it has the most monthly pot smokers (11.45%), it’s got the third cheapest prices, the most Google searches, and is second in Facebook interest.