Neighborhood Down

bilde*Neighborhood Down

As you may have noticed by now I do not enjoy writing long articles often. I like to get straight to the point, express my truth in less words as possible. It is up to the reader to decipher my writings.

The motto is divide and conquer. But for this one group of people, for this community in America it was “drug and conquer”. We are talking about the Black or African-American Community.

Does anyone ever ask why it is that “black” neighborhoods in particular are violence consumed, drug infused, inexhaustible fire burning for the past six decades across America?!

It is so easy for a brainwashed one to simply play the blame game, race card and say “oh Blacks are just like that”. No. What has been happening in the Black Community is no accident at all. It may be about race, from our so called leaders. Or it may be to simply cause havoc in our cities, and hatred between people. But one thing is for certain, and that is this; SOMEONE was and still IS behind this “plan”, of destabilizing these “black” neighborhoods. It is the same people that created the idea of crime altogether, and are responsible for all the major wars that the US has been involved in the past one hundred years.

The rap/hip hop culture was never about crime, thugs, money and so on. These people, our so called leaders and the ones behind the curtains INFLUENCED the hip hop culture and turned it into what it is today. These are the same people that SENT THEIR “AGENTS” AND SPREAD DRUGS AND WEAPONS INTO BLACK NEIGHBORHOODS ACROSS AMERICA. Again, reasons for this may be many. From causing hatred towards and between Blacks, to bringing down their populace, to filling prisons with them and making money off of that from taxes.

If I may use Jamaica as a great example. No it is not in the US, just South East of it, but it is a country where 97% of the population is “Black”. Crime is at its highest it has ever been. NOT ONE single weapon in the hands of a Jamaican person is made in Jamaica. All the drugs(excluding cannabis;not a drug) there come from OUTSIDE of Jamaica, mostly from the USA. You get my drift. But the most interesting of them all is this; a nation of 97% Black populace is under the rule of a WHITE QUEEN of ENGLAND, Queen Elizabeth ll. Why and How? I will let YOU figure that out.

Most people on this planet have failed to SEE the agenda of the elite ones for humanity. The African-Americans have failed to see the manipulations that have been and continue to be done to them by the US government(CIA). And so they blindly continue life with what they were TAUGHT, not by their parent’s but by the system. Crime was FORCED through manipulation upon the Black Community in America. They were TARGETED.

Now, the people CAN change this. Even though many may have been raised in these tough situations. Still, the Black Community in America can turn around completely in a very short period of time. It is just a matter of CHOICE.

I would like to clarify a few things for the African-American Community in the US. 1. It is all right to KNOW the past, but do NOT live “with” the past. 2. There is not a single group of people on this planet that has not gone through slavery or abuse at one point in time or another. From the “whitest” to the “darkest”, we have ALL been “victims” of the system. 3. Racism, hatred, prejudice does not exist only in America, it exists in every town of every nation. There are Irish, English, German, French people that despise each other, that issue is a lot greater than most like to admit, and they’re “white” as it gets. 4. When/If you choose, TRULY to stand up for PEACE and LOVE, YOU WILL SAY “CRIME ALTOGETHER” needs to stop, not just black on black crime.

If we continue to let the elite manipulate us through the media, the press, race and religion, EVERY neighborhood is going down. Because in the eyes of those in power, we are all the same, “useless eaters” they refer to humanity. We must UNITE AS ONE, ONE HUMAN FAMILY THAT WE ARE, and understand that everything that separates us is nothing but ILLUSION, and move forward TOGETHER IN LIGHT, LOVE, PEACE AND JOY.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart, KejRaj.