I Have A Question


*I Have A Question.

Why aren’t many people “attached” to NATURE ?

The one place where you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, nobody cares for.

Everyone is attached to something they probably shouldn’t be attached to; their computer, “smart” phone, casino’s, unhealthy foods/liquids, TV, or in this case even another human.

Nature brings peace to one’s mind, heart and body. That may be the issue here. People do not want peace in their life. They prefer drama, and other problems. For if they don’t have that they don’t think they are actually living.

Perhaps gouging one’s eyes out at social media networks is peace to many.

In a way, most people do have an attachment to nature. I mean very few are actually able to give up consumption of animal corpses, or their love for leather. How many people leave their “pets” locked up inside the house all day while they attend their daily chores. They have nature in their homes all day everyday.

Were we “lead” to this state of awareness? It doesn’t matter. Because most people seem to love it. They don’t know any better? Oh I think they do. They just don’t care, for themselves, let alone anything else.

Everything does have a root cause. Right now, too deep to dig for is this “state’s” root cause. There are many things about humanity on this planet in this time that may take me a few more lifetimes to understand. Or I can just let it go. A lot of people just lean on the “ego” issue. I think it is something far more complex than the ego or ignorance.

*Let Love Be Your Intention.

*From Heart to Heart; KejRaj!

The Amazing Aloe Vera

*The Amazing Aloe Vera

Known to the Egyptians as the plant of immortality and to Native Americans as the wand of heaven, aloe vera comes with a wide array of amazing healing properties — some of which you may already be aware. You might even have your own aloe vera plant in your home for those small emergencies like scrapes, cuts, and burns, but did you know that aloe vera is not only limited to topical use and is actually even more beneficial to your body when taken internally?