Zap/Poofness Update 3/27/2016

Untitled*Zap/Poofness Update 3/27/2016

Greetings and Salutations:


We are more hopeful now than we have been in the past that spigots will open and monies will become a reality. The changing, shifting tides and the movements of those who would count this activity are still on-going, yes, of course. But the efforts to stymie the forceful of their efforts and stem to redirect the tide of funds has been seen for what it is. Now Folks, do the nice thing and add your positive energies to this on-going efforts. The work of ZAP and his workers has been sabotaged enough that disintermediation of some import has been heavy handed. That too will get handled but not as quickly as the troops would like . They will make it through the sieve of tricks .. and trickery.

Ashtar Command: Ascension Process 3/22/2016

Ashtar-Command*Ashtar Command: Ascension Process

ASHTAR COMMAND: Dear ones, this is an Alert from Ashtar Command. We are approaching a time of difficulty because of the planetary adjustment that will take place with the process of Disclosure. The Earth has entered a most dense area of the Ring of Light that is called a Photon Belt, and the entire Solar System is being buffeted by electro-magnetic waves. These waves are instrumental to the Great Awakening as the photonic light and gamma rays of these electro-magnetic surges are stripping the psyche of mankind

We are Creating Beings

female-fire-creator-16015-1920x1080*We are Creating Beings

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, says that we are creating beings whether in the spiritual or physical.

Questioner: You stated, “If you cannot participate in some form of conscious creation, you will never grow.” Can activities such as painting pictures, writing poems, cooking meals or saying prayers be types of conscious creating that you