We are Creating Beings

female-fire-creator-16015-1920x1080*We are Creating Beings

William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, says that we are creating beings whether in the spiritual or physical.

Questioner: You stated, “If you cannot participate in some form of conscious creation, you will never grow.” Can activities such as painting pictures, writing poems, cooking meals or saying prayers be types of conscious creating that you referred to?

The Council: Yes, these would all fall in that category. The most positive or the most creative potential lies in the area of the prayer element because through prayer things can actually be changed in the material. Expressing one’s artistic abilities or sensitivities through arts and what have you is also another good potential or release, let us use that word instead, is a good release for the soul’s creative potential. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you. Is having sexual relations creative in itself or only when a pregnancy occurs?

The Council: It is creative in itself in that the mind or the consciousness and the soul’s desire is in unison. If it is a perfect situation, that is, the sharing of one with the other or a total sharing of each other, then it in itself becomes a creative force. It bonds two individuals closer together. Whether there is a creation of life there or not does not detract from that additional creation or potential of expressing and sharing.