Sheldan Nidle Update 3/22/2016

*Sheldan Nidle Update 3/22/2016

5 Manik 0 Mac, 12 Manik

Dratzo! The process to change this reality continues. This is for the most part an uneven effort. On one hand, we have the Ascended Masters, numerous secret societies and their close allies, those individuals sincerely dedicated to a quick and sane ending to the power and wealth of the dark’s many minions. These oligarchs were intent on a massive depopulation program, which has recently begun to have some effect on the world’s numerous underdeveloped and poorer countries.

Vegan Sources for Vitamin A

*Vegan Sources for Vitamin A

Sweet Potato                     180           214%
Carrots                                50             113%
Spinach                               41             105%
Kale                                      36             98%
Mustard Greens                36             96%
Collard Greens                  63             80%
Turnip Greens                   29             61%
Beet Greens                       39              61%
Swiss Chard                       35              60%
Winter Squash                  76              59%

Works Verses Faith

*Works Verses Faith

The following discussion between a SOL researcher and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, answers an interesting question: What is more important having faith or doing good works as a method of growing spiritually?

Questioner: This sort of skirts that faith versus works issue that a lot of churches debate. Can you have faith without works? Are you saved by faith or are you saved by works?

The Council: Oh, we hear a lot of religious rhetoric.