The Value of Meditation

What-is-Mindfulness-Meditation*The Value of Meditation

Can meditation and practice transcend your natural physical ability? William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, in the following exchange answers that for us.

Questioner: Council, take for example, you wish to be a great violinist or a fine violinist, something like that. If you meditated on it and also did the physical practice, could that transcend your normal talents?

The Council: Nothing can transcend what you are. The problem is you do not realize how much there is to each one of you, so you automatically put limits to yourself. When you combine the practice with the mental desire, the meditation, the prayer, whatever, you open up a greater avenue for that ability to come out and be utilized in the material manifestation or become a reality to you. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Everyone is created equally in the spiritual sense. Each one of you can be the greatest violinist the world has ever known. You can be the greatest painter. You can be the most perfect soul. It is how much effort will you put forth to allow that quality to come forth and materialize.

Questioner: How much of what kind of effort?

The Council: Well, whatever you put into it.

Questioner: Physical and …

The Council: It is a combination of the physical effort and the mental effort.

Questioner: Then most of those individuals that are great in various fields, it is a combination of the both or does one take precedence? Is there a trend there?

The Council: Actually, if you reach a perfect balance of the material effort and the spiritual effort, the greatest potential is released into reality or into the material manifestation. What happens is some people will go off to one side or the other. Instead of reaching the balance, they may meditate too much and not enough of the physical practice, or too much of the physical practice and not enough of the mental practice. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So when you reach that equal balance, then the greatest potential comes through. Then the circumstances in which you are born, the circumstances which you have created in your decisions in life, will determine what that potential will be in reality, how much of it will be available to you, or how much of it you will be able to demonstrate. You can be the greatest violinist ever born, but if the opportunities are not there for you to display this ability, who is going to know your ability other than just a few people in your immediate area.

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