Spirit Untitled

Spirit Untitled

I AM THAT I AM. I do not need a title.

A spirit in the light realms is identified by their energy signature; It is a unique vibration, that belongs only to you, that only you have.

Physicality is an illusion. Spirit is formless, it’s greatness cannot be measured by anything, it is greater and beyond this physical body.

When one is given a title or name, personality is “formed”, where in a way your mind and spirit are “shaped”. Thus making one think they’ve become greater when in fact they have began losing their true self. The idea of naming or labeling an individual with a certain title confines the individual’s abilities as a free spirit that it is, and more often than not it brings one’s ego up a notch. Of course it depends which title you have been given or chosen.

I do not believe that in our world there is such a thing as a “good title”. News anchor, doctor, baseball player, teacher(of any kind), patriot, author, soldier, prophet, or god. They all have certain negative attributes attached to them. Nevertheless, in this 3D reality the ego just can’t do without pride. So I’ve got to get myself a title; I AM THAT I AM.

*From Heart to Heart;