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A Simple Heads Up

If you hold any of the so called precious currencies such as Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar; DO NOT under any circumstance give your money to any group or organization that asks to HOLD the money for you or … Continue reading

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Matthew Ward: Disclosure

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding North Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and comments like

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Archangel Michael: Mother Nature

Dear Ones, Once again it is time to take a lesson from Mother Nature, and in particular the TREES. See yourself

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Archangel Uriel: Your Intention Is To Be Love

And your work is extending far beyond where you can imagine at this time throughout the universes and multiverse. Greetings my dearest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of Love

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Mary and Yeshua: The Winds of Change

Greetings, Dear Sons and Daughters of the light, yes, it is I, Christ. My beloved Mary Magdalene is here as well. We come to tell you, Dearest Children, that this is a day of great jubilation and a great day … Continue reading

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: U.S. President Donald Trump Becomes “Obump” with Zionist Meltdown at UN

Something has gone seriously wrong with U.S. President Donald Trump, as was obvious to any aware person who listened to his speech at the UN last week.  By threatening to “totally destroy North Korea

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