9/20 New Moon Update, You Are Perfect

astrology eraoflightNew Moon in Virgo, September 20, 2017, at 27 degrees.

New Moons are an opportunity for fresh new beginnings, and in the earth sign of Virgo, we can finally put both feet back on the ground, after the somewhat turbulent weeks and exciting changes since the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo, 21st

Sheldan Nidle 9/19/2017

sheldan nidle eraoflight4 Caban, 15 Zip, 1 Ik

Selamat Balik! Progress towards prosperity continues to be made. All procedures are moving along as planned. What we intend to discuss with you at this time is the growth of higher consciousness within every one of you. When Heaven

Archangel Michael: Balance is KEY

aa michaelDear Ones,

You are well aware that Mother Earth and ALL Humanity are currently in a pattern of transition and transformation. You are witnessing extreme weather patterns, hurricanes, earthquakes etc etc. All perfectly aligned to bring the Earth back into

The Hathors: Member of the Ascension Team

hathorsWe are here, acknowledging your resilience and courage while holding a space of peace and calm in the midst of incredible chaos. You are witnessing great shifts and changes. Also, within your own personal reality and body you are feeling/sensing great shifts and changes. The celestial energy events are being felt far and wide and their effects are being felt by your

Native Americans Reveal 22 Rules of Life That Will Speak To Your Soul

hopi worldThere are a lot many things that the world can learn from the Native Americans especially in these trying times when the world is facing hate, terrorism, hunger and corruption.

Imagine if these peaceful tribes we’re never raided and their land and lives never taken. The history of our world

Antarctic Caves Found to Be Home to “New World” of Plants and Animals, Heated by Volcano

sunny day eraoflightIn Antarctic ice, cave systems exist underneath the Ross Island volcano Mount Erebus. Recently, it was discovered that the ice could be the breeding ground for an “exciting new world,” according to scientists from Australia National University.

They analyzed DNA obtained from

The Arcturians: You Are ALL Multidimensional Beings

arcturiansDear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, Suzille,

New Moon in Virgo 9/20/2017

full moonThe New Moon in Virgo is on September 20th, 2017 at 2:29am ADT. This New Moon continues to play out the Huge Activation from the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

This continues to play out ~ as your Success in all areas of life ~ as per your life plan and Blueprint.

HeavenLetters: Your Heart is a Powerhouse

heavenlettersGod said:

What seems to be on your mind today? What is heavy on your Heart today may not be what is on your mind. In fact you may even barrage your mind with concerns about trifles in order to keep your mind off the collected woes of your

Sananda: Calm Waves

sanandaI am Sananda and I come today to wish welcome to the new era that has taken a great step forward. Up till now all wars have been stopped, which have been attempted to start up. There are loving and conscious beings that sit on many important posts today and they have seen through all attempts to sow divisions on our Earth. I am honored and humble in the face of their courage and

Judas Iscariot 9/19/2017

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I have a few things to tell you today. Much has happened on our Earth in spite of the fact that not much can be heard or seen in your media. It is mostly different terror attacks and other negative things that surface there. How many of you have not longed for a media that covers all the beautiful and wonderful things that people do in your world today. What do you think