HeavenLetters: Your Heart is a Powerhouse

heavenlettersGod said:

What seems to be on your mind today? What is heavy on your Heart today may not be what is on your mind. In fact you may even barrage your mind with concerns about trifles in order to keep your mind off the collected woes of your Heart. Tender tender is the Heart. If you get right down to it, your Heart is too often under siege. The very sensitivity of your Heart is the best thing about your Heart.

Your Heart is not meant to be a warrior, nor is your Heart meant to be a spigot to be turned on or off. No, no, no, your Heart is meant to be turned on full-blast. Your Heart is meant to be clear and warm and aligned with friendliness and welcome. Your Heart is meant to be your harbor.

Your Heart is aimed right at the Sun, and your Heart is to be hospitable and share itself as if it could never go out of style. Your Heart is to be wide open and let the whole world in. You may have the idea that your Heart can be used up, and you want to preserve it. Uh-uh, your Heart isn’t designed for being saved up.

As it is, you may want to avoid your Heart as though it were not connected to your deepest Being, OR that it is too connected and, well, too powerless. Your Heart is the most powerful thing you have. Yes, there is a great part of you that doesn’t want to get down to your Heart. You would rather wrap it up in cotton than to reveal it. You may want to keep strangers out of your Heart. You might long for a sign you could hang that says No Admittance.

In trying to protect your Heart, you deny your heart its rightful connectedness to the Oneness of Love hat you really are.

You may even appear downright cheery when your Heart is breaking. Sometimes, the only way you feel you can proceed in Life is to cloister off your Heart to protect it from future damage. What a dial your Heart is. It is so easy to set your Heart akimbo. And yet how powerful is your Heart. It’s not a good idea to separate your Heart from itself. Your Heart is to be One and not cut in twain.eraoflight.com

When in the world will you allow your Heart to recognize its own vitality? You already know that you really can’t quell your Heart. You are not the boss of it. Your Heart is not to be tied and gagged.

When you come down to it, your Heart is the most valuable possession you have, yet you don’t possess it. Let’s face it. Your Heart possesses you. You are meant to follow your Heart, not nurse it. When your Heart is hurt, love your Heart for its role in your Life. Your Heart is an antenna so remarkable, so sensitive to what goes on around you, so protective of you, so protective even of your ego. Whatever defense you feel you need, your Heart will pitch in. Remove armor from your Heart. Your mind is not meant to be a Heart-Bender.

Your Heart’s Destiny is to deliver bouquets of roses and, so, to express your Higher Self. Never was your Heart meant to silence itself.

Your Heart is meant to be ambrosia of the finest essence. Your Heart is meant to be your avenue to the world and to all the other Hearts in this that is called the world. A harsh word is not to demolish your Heart. Certainly, hurt feelings don’t belong in this Golden Heart I gave to you. The scars on your Heart are shadows all. You are to light up in the Strength of the Sun. Come here. I put you under the Sun now. Take out your Heart and let it bathe in the Sun and be warmed and so be happily seated within you.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff