The Collective: Waves of Change

the collectiveGreetings, Light Warriors who are anchoring Fifth Dimensional frequencies into a planet being reborn!

You have witnessed, within a single month of your calendar, two terrible events—one in Virginia, with much waving of angry red flags, and another in Texas, symbolized by

Mike Quinsey 9/1/2017

mikequinseyThere is no doubt that time continues to speed up, as you make progress towards the time of great changes that will transform your world. You are venturing further into the higher vibrations that come with the photon belt, and they will transform your Earth into what will eventually seem a paradise compared to your present life experiences. They are changes that have been planned

September Ascension Energies 2017

astrology eraoflightAUGUST REVIEW

I was surprised that August was as smooth as it was energetically. There was plenty of challenge going on in different ways, but the collective energies were a fascinating juxtaposition. The August energies (the electromagnetic influx

Saul: Love is all-pervasive

saulThe awakening of humanity is proceeding apace, and most enthusiastically, because, in spite of the unsettling and disturbing mainstream media news, people everywhere are beginning to see the Light and feel uplifted and inspired to make the daily intent, on waking in the morning, to be loving throughout the day, whatever arises.  Doing only that is enormously powerful and

Arcturian Council: Clearing Galactic Karma

arcturian council“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to explore the possibility that you have taken on more than you can handle. We are quite certain that the human race is performing a series of Herculean tasks

Saying the Sun Causes Skin Cancer is Disease Creating Disinformation for Profit

sunny day eraoflight“Avoid the sun” is almost a mantra from dermatologists and heavily promoted by the billion dollar sunscreen industry. The cancer scare gives dermatologists more legitimacy as medicos and the sunscreen industry walks away with more money. Facts are that sunshine promotes physiological vitamin D, which helps prevent cancer and more, while sunscreens contain toxic

Becoming Aware of Triggers

dna activation eraoflightdotcomAs the personal, collective and planetary consciousness undergoes this massive cosmic shift in which our consciousness rises in frequency, many people do not realize as a result of the polarity amplification and the increase of the forces of chaos, the matter world is actually becoming less dense. At the same time, our physical body may feel a great increase

Your Inner-Power Grid

meditation one eraoflightDear Ones,

Many of you no longer know which of your thought processes are social think and which are of new you.

That is not to say you have not advanced