The Council: Indications and Judgments

council of light eraoflightdotcomWe are choosing to respond to two of your questions today. Call these indications and judgments. The first involves what you currently call symptoms and we choose to rename indications. The second is the question of the current societal divisions that are appearing in many of your countries and is serving to bring judgments very much into focus.

“There are many people getting into meditation as we move further into these higher vibrational energies. Many after they have been meditating for a few months are beginning to feel vibrations or energy at their crown and brow chakras and some see swirling purple and violet colors during deep meditation all states. Could the council speak as to the significance of these phenomena and to their relationship to ascension energies that are pouring into our earth’s atmosphere at this time?”

The things that you are describing, and many more besides, are happening for thousands upon thousands of people all over your planet. You call them ascension symptoms. And in your desire to be included, you have listed almost every physical discomfort known to man. We do not intend to belittle these things. However, every ache and pain is not due to your rising vibrations.

At this time, you are being raised in vibrational frequency by several simultaneous factors. One of these is your own intent to evolve. This is the most important of all for without it the others will be relatively ineffectual. Next there is the fact that, although we can speak of your own vibrational field, you are participant to the fields of everything around you. As others raise their frequency, you are lifted. Of course the reverse is true, as well. You lift others as you lift yourselves. Then there is the fact that many factors in your environment, we speak of the galaxy, etc., are combining to produce a vibratory increase that, as we have said before, no particle will escape the influence of. Now, you can call that physics if you want. You can call it God’s will. Physics will not be offended, nor will God. Do you see?

So, as your vibration is raised, your consciousness, awareness of what is, expands. Each of you experiences that in ways that are unique to you. That is because each of you is a unique unit with unique requirements for your growth and unique desires and intentions.

You have an accepted need, although there really is no need, to figure it all out. We suggest an alternate approach. Have you seen children giggling and running around chasing soap bubbles they have blown? Do that. Stop struggling with what is truly an amazing experience and accept and have fun with it. After all, you have waited long enough for it.

“How fantastic!” “I have never seen things like that before!” “I have never heard those things before!” “What else is possible?”


“…I see huge division between people in the different parties. I believe ultimately we ALL want the same things in life. How do we ever stop judging one another?”

Step one, notice that huge numbers of people are judging the ‘other side’. This is, to a great extent, manipulated and encouraged, but ultimately, that doesn’t matter. It is serving the purpose of causing many to ask the question that you have just asked.

Those seeing this and asking the question may well begin to ask themselves some very relevant other questions. Let us answer some of them now.

You have been conditioned to accept that there are ‘right answers’ and ‘wrong answers’. The corollary to that is “If I am right, then he is wrong.” “If she is right, then I am wrong.” “I must not be wrong.” “I will defend my position at all cost!” And that is exactly what is being played upon, your fear of being wrong.

Now, there are billions upon billions of you on that blue orb. How many of them do you suppose agree with you totally about everything? Even one? Not even one. How many do you suppose would agree with you about many things? A few? No, every one!

Further, we would suggest that you begin to explore the possibility that you are judging in others what you will not judge in yourselves, or that you actually do judge in yourselves.

Those subconscious potentials are exactly what are surfacing to be looked at during this time. And humanity will decide that it does not wish to include these potentials in its experience any longer. It will decide to recognize them and move on. It will ascend, evolve, desire and experience higher. This is now underway. But it is a process.

Is there a quicker way? Yes, there is. Replace all of the judging with forgiveness. Start with yourselves. Then forgive each and every divine soul, and they are all divine souls, whether they know it or whether they don’t. Forgiveness does not mean that one condones words, thoughts, or practices. But there is a great difference between those things and the recognition that the prodigal son, the prodigal daughter, may be very, very far from home. Most have no idea where home is, and certainly do not know how to reach it. Be the beacon.


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