Heavenletters: Keep Your Heart

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Beloved, it isn’t exactly that I say. It is more that I AM. I express Myself. I AM. I am not in arrears. I am current. I am instantaneous. Never have I been unspoken. On the deepest levels, always you hear Me deeply.

On the conscious level, you may not hear so clearly, yet you hear just the same. Never have I not been heard on the silent levels. I am known. I shake the rafters. You may not recall My exact words.

Words are secondary to Being. I am your very Being. I am not unknown to you. I am your very premise. You go deep. In truth, you do not miss a trick. All that I know, you also know, or We would not be Oneness, do you see?

It is inevitable that We are One. There are no two ways about it.

You can factor Me in. We are One. Oneness is. There is naught but Oneness. Never can Oneness be not. Never cannot there be Oneness. We are the One and the same. Known as the day is young or the day is old, We have always existed. Oneness is nothing new.

We never were even twins. We have accompanied each other eternally. Never were we apart. We have always been One emboldened Splendid Whole.

Never were you, the so-called you, separate from Me or I separate from you. Eternally One. Inevitably Oneness. You are not a branch of My Tree – more like the sap of My Tree you are. You are not an add-on. You are not an after-thought. From before the beginning, We have been one planting. We are One savory whole.

It is illusion to miss out on Me. You were factored in before the concept of time was contemplated. Time is after the fact.

It can be said that Oneness is born every day, yet ever We have been One. There was no waiting for Oneness, for never were We cleft in two.

When was music not? Music was ready to be played and to be heard. Always music was ready to begin and your heart eager for it. Music is in the air. Your ears are ready for the first key to be played and life to begin. In this sense, there is nothing new under the sun, for you and music and delight ever have been in tune.

You are My Supreme Cadence. Never were you squeezed in as if a Soul can be squeezed. DNA isn’t squeezed. DNA is complete. DNA isn’t a last minute thought. Beginning was all at once, more like a starburst. Everything falls into place all at once.

After your Origin, there is no need for you to fool around with resentment – not even once again.

Remember there is room for everyone at the Inn, and everyone is you. How you treat the least, as you may or may not see it, there is no so-called other. Do you deign to oust yourself from the Kingdom? You battle yourself when you are intended to embrace. Oneness already is for all time.

Everyone maintains his own heart, Beloved. Be the most you can be. Keep your heart intact.

There is no flock. There is Oneness. Come back to your true nature, which is love.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff