The Council: A Great Leap

council of light eraoflightdotcom“Thanks… brothers and sisters of the council I see lots of change in the world and it warms my heart i feel things are moving faster and faster it feels as if a great leap is about to happen especially through into the new year can the council comment on this please … great love.”

Your intuitions are correct. There will indeed be great changes occurring over the coming year. And this we can say because great changes have been asked for, planned, and accepted.

As we have stated many times, the world you see is the result of the energetic constructs that have been placed into motion and allowed to be seen by you. There is a vast reality surrounding you that very few of you have even an inkling of. But what you have agreed upon as reality, most of you see readily enough, though you may disagree on its interpretations.

But, to return to the impending changes, there have been new frequencies, and great increases in the strength of older frequencies that have combined to accelerate the internal changes to your fields of consciousness. This, in turn, will now begin to be seen as beneficial change to all that you see.

Now, there will be those who may not agree with the assessment we have made of beneficence. However, our view is from a much longer and wider perspective.

From the perspective that the collective views things, there will be many celebrating and many others weeping. But your societies are continuing to move into new ways of being. There will be some violence, yes. And we, of course, wish that were not so, but the greatest change will be in the structure of your communities. You have decided to set yourselves free, and the desire of billions of you in agreement is a very powerful thing. The mountain that you have feared and obeyed for long will be revealed to be a molehill.

We wish to caution, however, that your collective tends to create magical visions of vast bank accounts, government upheavals that occur overnight with no severe hardships, etc. From next Tuesday forward, we will live in Utopia. You have always done this, even though your experience should have proved otherwise. But you will hammer out a new way to love together that is much more win/win that the current win/lose.

That alone will set you free to become. Become what? Now you know what our answer to that will be. You will become the divine that you truly are.

This is already happening, of course. That further evolution of YOU into the lives of you is happening. And many more of you will begin to perceive this in the coming months. In gratitude intend, allow, realize. And the Buddha laughed when he realized that he was already that.

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