A Few Points On The Global Currency Reset

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! I am KejRaj(KayRy).

Quite some time has past since I’ve written anything concerning the Global Currency Reset. Here I am now, to answer some questions from readers, to clarify a few points.

Question: Do all nations have to agree to a Gold Standard for the GCR to be released?

Answer: Yes. Which by the way this has all ready happened. The larger more impactful ones have agreed to it, over 220 nations.

Question: Are banks still going to be giving huge loans for homes?

Answer: No. All the rules will drastically change. All will be done to PREVENT DEBT.

Question: Are the rates as high as some of the intel providers are saying?

First thing we will say is no.

For instance, claiming that the ZWD will Revalue at 1.00ZWD to 100USD, or higher. The Iraqi Dinar Revaluing at 1.00IQD to 10.00USD, or higher. And so on. This includes the sovereign rates and humanitarian rates as well. It does not matter who you are, or what your plans for the future may be, you simply are NOT exchanging 1.00ZWD for 100.00USD. The most you may get for any currency exchange is 1 to 3 dollars higher than the international rate is at that moment.

The history of the Iraqi Dinar in brief;

In 1932 the IQD was valued at US$4.86 – Because it was pegged to the British Pound.
The IQD devalued in 1949 – US$2.80
In 1973 the IQD went back up – US$3.39
In 1982 it stood at – US$3.22(the most likely rate when it Revalues).
In 2003; US$0.00027 – In 2006; US$0.00067

The highest the IQD currency may Revalue at is $3.80

These currencies(vnd, iqd, zwd, and more) will only be Revalued to their original worth, which is nothing close to the claims made by some intel providers.

Question: What can I invest in once the GCR does occur?

Answer: Gold and Silver. But please don’t think of investing in terms of the Old 3D World ways. The purpose of the GCR and GESARA is to bring EQUAL ABUNDANCE to all. And than gradually PHASING OUT the entire monetary system. Finally reaching a point where money is obsolete, and in this we include “DIGITAL currency” as well.

This will happen a lot sooner than people may think as we are getting closer to Ascension.

Question: Do we still get reasonable rates even if we don’t have any plans laid out for humanitarian projects?

Yes. You will get the international rate. If you wish you may negotiate with the bank also for a slightly higher rate.

Question: What countries do you think need urgent assistance as far as homes and food go?

Answer: This is up to you. You may do a little research if you wish. Plenty in South America, Africa, Asia.

Question: What if there’s still people that might try to hoard all the wealth they acquire during the GCR?

Answer: With all the necessary precautions that have been taken up until now, with the new system in place, that will not be possible, most importantly it will not be tolerated. And trust us there are many “beings” that will be observing the actions of the receivers.

Question: Are we gonna have to pay taxes for this exchange?

We highly doubt this. If we are required to do so, it will be a very small amount. Only the shadow of the Federal Reserve remains now. It will be dissolved completely or taken over by the good guys by the time we get to exchange.

Question: In the US everyone over 21 years old will receive $100,000 a month for the next 12 years?

It is our understanding that such claims as the one above are mere speculation. The whole idea of NESARA is simple, deliver the ‘most necessary’ things to people, Common Wealth. It is not to make everyone a millionaire as this would cause more chaos than forward movement. $2,500 a month for a family of four WITH the expectation of contributions to the community.

This plan has been laid out for quite a while. The New US Dollar will be Gold Backed, yes, it will be worth a lot more, so people may not need as much for food and a roof over their head. Remember, taxes will be eliminated. We also must not forget that once NESARA/GESARA goes public, this doesn’t mean everyone stops working.

$2,500 will most likely be a world wide amount, given to each family. Now in a third world country, that is a lot. And they are first in line to receive assistance.

You may add to that the return of all the illegal income taxes that have been collected from the people back to the people, all is on record. Again this may not commence six months to a year after NESARA goes public.

Question: Will people receive 800 numbers outside the USA?

The main reason 800 numbers were put in place for the USA is because the largest currency holders are within the USA. So once the GCR is announced people in other countries may very well be able to just walk in to a major bank and exchange or walk in and set an appointment personally.

That is all for today. Open your heart and rise with light and love like the sun each day. You are the leaders of the new world. Now more than ever, it is time to lead by example.

From heart to heart, I Am Kejraj!



9 Replies to “A Few Points On The Global Currency Reset”

  1. Noel Robertson

    With my open mind, I wrote and had published my book “Black Blood = 21st Century Oil Rush” – this was in 2006 and by Noel Robertson! I set out to demonstrate my findings at the time of my observations and tried to set out who ‘runs things’. Nothing has as yet changed but I firmly believe that there will be a great sea-change in the global political arena just as all the land we mortals walk on was at one time under the sea! Can’t wait until this happens for the benefit of all mankind. Bless you all – Peter

  2. hazel

    What about places like south Africa, would we also receive 2.500pm? Our leaders are terribly evil people, how would you even get passed them … And they’re in bed with the Chinese.
    What about the Chinese? They own a big chunk of Africa and Arab countries … Have they agreed to nesara/gesara ? I doubt it

    1. Moira

      Also: Note how this Terrorist Government doesn’t allow for us “commoners” (slaves) to own Foreign Currency? 👿👽

  3. Susan

    This article is disappointing. Who came up with these numbers and how was it calculated? In the US, $2500 a month for a family of four??This isn’t the abundance I’ve been hearing so much about.

  4. Jack

    This is very serious & important info…
    So the question must be asked…

    Has this “Divine Truthful Higher Being Source” been verified?
    & if so, when did this transmission come in & through whom?
    Are they proven to be credible & reliable?

  5. amaranth

    $2500 in my country in todays exchange rate is 130,000 already and its more than enough here for most people in my country so its true that in third world counties its a lot and to think its monthly and not a one time payout

  6. Doug James

    $2500 is fine if all debt is cancelled and moving forward prices are adjusted down as profit and greed give way to serving all of humanity. Then replicators are introduced, allowing everyone to simply replicate a healthy, free from toxins, meal so a food budget goes down. Soon money will be a history lesson concerning 3D matrix control. Debt slavery was put in place by the archons and people became slaves to money so much so they competed for it all the while losing their spirituality growth. All of this will change. I earn 120k a yr and I am in debt! After taxes, health insurance and all of it you still live on a tight budget. Plus how we live in the US, we all need a reset.

  7. Shiverspirit

    Many lightworkers have been waiting a long time for the RV/GCR, but sadly $2,500 a month would not be enough to be freed from the need to work (in the USA)…That is not really the level of income I would call “abundant”, unless all of our living expenses were drastically reduced at the same time. I guess I better not quite my day job! Ok…sigh….”back to work”