Horus: Inner Knowing

horus eraoflightdotcom.jpgI am Horus once again. If there is something that you all want to do in the coming times, I’m sure it will be in the best ‘good’ for all of you. In a moment’s time you can bring about the goodness of your heart exposed to all who pay attention, and welcome the newness of what you are bringing to the world.

It is a matter of bringing the inner knowing to a bright loving version of what you saw and/or felt within and brought it forth for the attention of any and all who cared to observe and respond in a way that they see and feel it. It is all in the ‘making’ for the new world that you all intend for the betterment of mankind and the intermingling of the off planet beings as the resurrection of the truth of who we all are and how we have created this new paradise together.

I am Horus once again, and I bring you the understanding that I see and feel what you are bringing forth in the moment, even if you, in that moment, did not realize your power of Love for all of creation. I’ll bet that now you do!

Thank you so much dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate


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