Twin Soul Ascension: Solstice Gateway, Attunements for Blue rays

reflections eraoflightdotcomNamaste brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now at this highly fortuitous time with a message of great celebration and jubilation for all of you, especially those identified as the Frontline crew, who so diligently show up consistently on this challenging yet rewarding ascension trajectory.

Please know dearest ones that these are highly auspicious times that we are living in, and it is our greatest wish that you could for one moment see what we see, that the victory of light is inevitable and that the timeline of Victory has already anchored onto Gaias planes.

What we are experiencing collectively now dearest ones is the final clean up operation of the old ways and old timelines, whereby humanity was controlled by lower frequency forces. Please know that all of those timelines have now completed brothers and sisters and the moment of this shift occurred precisely on the 11:11 portal date.

It is imperative now going forward dear lightworker starseeds, that you use wisely, these coming days ahead of you leading up to solstice. We from the higher realms encourage you  to go very inward into your own spiritual practice, connecting with your breath, and connecting with your body through stretching your body, going for walks, dancing, and moving your body. This is crucial in this coming gateway as our bodies need to be primed and ready to receive the next influx of Potent light frequencies that are imminently aligning on the Horizon, and Set to burst forth on the highly potent solstice portal Gateway.

We would like to take a moment to discuss the energetics of this particular solstice gateway dearest ones. Please know that this particular portal point Aligns with the Mayan calendar which ended on the 21st of December 2012. This year of 2018 comes six Cycles after that opportune time, and therefore marks the fact that we as a collective Consciousness have come so far since that monumental shift date of 21:12:12, and are thus aligning with those transformational frequencies of that date…

For eons there here has been a timeline which has ensured ultimate victory to the light, and please know that this planet has always been so fondly viewed upon by all of our galactic star brothers and sisters, and we as human beings are renowned for being extraordinarily precious, potently Powerful, and filled with unlimited potential.

For eons this potential has been laying dormant in what has been previously referred to as our junk DNA however it is far far from junk……This junk DNA refers to our galactic DNA and when released from its dormant state, activates our full Remembrance and emergence as multidimensional galactic Avatar beings.

Humans have been granted extraordinary powers such as the ability to materialize and dematerialize with simply a thought, instant manifestation, instant healing, telepathy, time travel, and so so so much more and it is these powers, along with many many others that are stored in our previously dormant DNA.

Please know brothers and sisters, that for all of the souls who are vibrationally drawn to these words it is highly likely that this DNA is no longer dormant within you, due to the fact that we have fully unified as a multidimensionally Awakened galactic Earth ground crew.

This knowing that we are all now unified spiritually has empowered all of us exponentially and has activated the coming online of this previously so called dormant DNA.

This DNA holds memories of our true crystalline nature as Kristic divine beings, as beings who embody the hieros gamos, the inner alchemical Marriage of the Divine masculine and feminine energies within.

The human Avatar being has been created to fully hold the frequencies of the Christ/Sophia divine sacred Union, and due to this high auspicious aspect of our birthright and heritage, , we as human beings have been endowed with blessings far beyond our wildest wildest and greatest imaginings.

And so, as this Potent time of solstice is upon us, may we all remember the importance of gathering together in our soul groups, on the land, at sacred sites, earth portal points, and in our online soul groups, in order to fully unify the Global starseed network, it is crucial that on dates like this Mother Gaia experiences her children unifying and chanting her Eternal song of love back into her heart.

This is the time to consolidate brothers and sisters, find your tribe, find your groups, find your ceremonies. May we all bend down on our knees with the deepest gratitude and reverence to Mother Father God – Great spirit, Wakantanka, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, Christ+Magdalene the mother the father, the divine masculine and feminine, that which is known by many many names but which is only One.

May we all come together on this date with our right arm overspilling  and our left arm receiving these highly blessing filled upgraded codes that have been uploaded and stored in our own solar logos decreed to be released on this holy auspicious portal date.

The great cycle has turned dearest hearts. The light has been victorious. Go forth with kindness in your hearts, and a smile beaming from your eyes, may you go forth offering  comfort to all of your brothers and sisters who are blessed to come in to your sacred and Holy field, for this journey has been somewhat tortuous for all of us, and we are all worthy of receiving Tenderness and care in every single moment.

We look forward to Gathering with you for the solstice transmission which will take place on Saturday the 22nd of December at 4:44 p.m. UK time.

Please see below for full details

In love and eternal light

Jen and the white wolf tribe.


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