Imploding Wall Street in the week of 24, 27, 28 December 2018?

the independent media source eraoflightdotcomThe checkmate for the Deep State puppets has entered its final phase through inborn stupidity of the Democrats.

The government has now been deactivated by the breaking point to get the cost of the wall approved., so all signals are on deep Blood Red.

The Temporary Military Law will make it possible to continue the plan, investors will try to sell their shares and masse, so the stock market can easily drop between 10 and 25% or more further.

All politicians who are not in active service lose their immunity over the period that they have done damage to the US and world population.

This Christmas time will be very special, everyone is at home with his family, and so to be picked up by the US Marshals, there will be no chance to escape, as these people are constantly under surveillance.

The long awaited dismissal of Netanyahu will work like a fire accelerator thanks GESARA.

For us, these are the signs that the NWO is losing ground, the remaining NWO structure in the unelected corrupt UN and EU, making frantic attempts to further destroy Europe, pushing through the climate lies based on false foundations.

The unelected EU fascists are now admitting to deliberately replacing Europe’s population to demolish the sovereign states and demanding that the European population pay taxes to the criminals in Brussels.

The European people do not give agreement with an unelected EU, paying a tax to this mafia is therefore no legal basis that would justify this.

To turn the tide, GESARA will prevent the destruction of the economy, free the populations from the game of bankers and politics.

The joke of the whole story is, by fear, the Democrats have put their own demise into operation, everything will be revealed, paedophile, corrupt and Satanists among the worldwide 66,568 indictments.

An Audit of the FED will immediately mean the end of the FED, because their books can never be correct as their money consists of hot air, the Petrodollar is completely worthless to Multinationals and the world trade organization.

All criminals will be expropriated from their stolen wealth, Soros, Fake Kings, Vatican, and their political accomplices.

These are beautiful prospects in this time of reflection, December 25 is a day to celebrate the birth of dark to light, but has nothing to do with the actual birth date of Christ.

This deception was caused by the introduction of the Roman Catholic Church by Emperor Constantine in 325 n.C. in Constantinople which became Christian several hundred years later.

The biblical Jesus is 2 years younger than the historical Jesus. He was not born on December 25 in the year 0, but on June 17 in 2 BC. Conclusion: our era started 2 years too late. And moreover, we celebrate Christmas in the wrong season.

We see that there is a constant lie to keep power and to keep the population stupid, in favour of a small core of rulers.

All this will now be changed by the implosion of the FIAT debt money system.

For the Christian population December 25th will be a feast of peace and tolerance, for other religions and atheists only as a turn of the century.

Crime against the world’s population will stop.

I wish all people a peaceful time of reflection and a Merry Christmas holiday.


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