Solstice Celebration & Blessings Ceremony

lightandlovetoyou eraoflightdotcomIt’s Solstice week, filled with abundant energy and catalysts for inspirations that can help you be creative with both projects and personal interactions. Allow for the roller coaster of feelings. Our current energies can leave you feeling unstoppable and enthusiastic one moment, then uninspired and uncertain about what to communicate to a key person. Relax. You’ll move through this. Just remember to pace yourself and stay connected to your heart. Continue reading for specific tips about generating blessings during Solstice.

The Solstice Window

Each year the December Solstice marks both a change in seasons and an invitation to be still and go within. Perhaps more than any recent year to date, this inner reflection at Solstice is crucial to your well-being. For most people, 2018 has been a year with more than the usual challenges. The entire world is in a kind of “life review” – humanity struggling with how to cohabit and find meaning in an upside down world.

Predictions 2019

In my Predictions 2019 eBook now being written I’ll be describing where we sit in more detail – including outlining our potentials and opportunities in 2019. I’ll provide a preview of what’s to come, and some of the backstory of how and why those things are likely to manifest. More importantly, I’ll outline specific steps each of us can take next year to move through whatever arises, while also having the tools to create our best lives. We are divine changemakers, and as such, it’s important that we stay informed of the big picture of what’s going on while also honing our abilities to live consciously with open hearts and open minds. This will allow us to be successful as we encounter what’s coming in 2019 – helping ourselves and the world at the same time.

Energies This Week

Friday December 21 is Solstice – the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn. The Capricorn energy may catalyze a sense of practicality and grounded focus on material world things. This energy can also stir feelings about social justice and taking responsibility for changing unjust things in society. For people with a dominant Capricorn energy, this could be a time when you evaluate your performance and successes – avoid perfectionism and linear thinking as you do this, however. Great strides are made – not by pushing and counting how many of this or that you have accomplished – but by relentlessly striving for your best and being flexible, fluid, and allowing.

The Full Moon Saturday December 22 will add a sense of intensity and expansiveness to this Solstice.

Blessings Ceremony

Open yourself to blessings – and create more blessings – with this simple Solstice ceremony.

First, set your intention to be still and available to your inner guidance. This might sound obvious, but especially in this holiday season with so much going on, this intention matters. Follow up this intention by purposefully putting yourself in a quiet environment and setting energy boundaries so that this is your private time. No technology, open doors for people to walk in.

Second, set up your ceremonial environment. This is individual. If you like crystals, hold one of them or have it with you. If you enjoy aromatherapy for its ability to help you relax and be in a meditative state, apply or diffuse your favorite essential oil. You can light a candle or have nearby any other thing that reminds you of the sacred.

Third, give yourself a minimum of 10 minutes. Don’t be stingy with yourself. This time is for you and in the end that means your increased frequency and well-being will be a beneficial force in the world.

Fourth, become still and drop down into your heart, closing your eyes. This is an internal process and you want to be in your heart space without outside visual distractions. Invite a connection with your heart and its wisdom. Do a series of deep breathings to connect you with the stillness naturally inside of you.

Fifth, invite a knowing of the goodness existing in your personal life. If nothing immediately comes to you, ask to be reminded of specific people, circumstances, and states of being you manifest that connect you with a sense of goodness. Ask to be shown examples of goodness that you connect with on an everyday basis. Ask to be reminded of how your life energy and actions create goodness for others and the world around you. Remain still in that space, reflecting on the goodness – and the countless blessings that come from that goodness.

Sixth, invite a knowing of the palpable effects of the goodness and blessings – bringing you more of this energy while also helping you to be a conscious transformer of positive changes in others.

Seventh, reflecting on what you just experienced, imagine that the field around your body is filled with light and immeasurable blessings. Ask that this beneficial energy be available to all sentient beings.


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