Yeshua: See Yourselves Sitting With Me

yeshua eraoflightdotcomGreetings my dearest brothers and sisters! Greetings my sweet family! I AM Jesus Sananda, I am your beloved brother, united in heart and soul with all of you, for we can’t ever be apart…not now and not ever.

I come here in this time of rebirth and complete transformation of each and every one of you! I come here to celebrate this time of victory, for humanity is making a quantum leap in this process of collective ascension. Heed my words, and allow them to shift you and your entire being into an even higher frequency of utter joy and excitement, for it is to come your way.

Yes, the Mother had promised thee that you would be re-birthed and re-filled to the brim with Her Love. Yes, it is true that more of the Mother, more of the Father and most of Myself – the Jesus within You – will be descending and be anchored within the new pristine 3D you. But not only that, you will also be able to integrate and embody more of the blessings and virtues of the higher dimensions. And by displaying them to the entire human collective you will shower all on your path with the highest grace and peace.

Dear hearts, at this time when many celebrate my birth with the hope and the joy that accompanies this event, there is also so much grief and ancient suffering that is coming up to be cleared and transmuted. There is a huge collective cloud of negativity, pain, and suffering, and it will trigger many of your remaining personal pains, misunderstandings, and childhood traumas that are in need of clearing and transmutation.

Holidays always have a way of bringing up, front and center, most of humanity’s sufferings, for it is at this time that earthly families and friends come into close proximity, and therefore have a great opportunity to mirror to each other their blind and weak spots, and uncover all the unfulfilled expectations that created pain in themselves and others.

Because of these many triggers, and because of the tendency to overextend yourselves and get physically overexcited and fatigued, it is very easy to slip into those vulnerable, innocent, and immature parts of yourselves, and react defensively and aggressively in the same manner as the ones that are acting out their pain.

Have compassion for yourselves and for everyone out there, for you – the new you bestowed recently with the Mother’s grace – when you listen carefully with your wide open hearts, have indeed the ability to see the truth in a flash. Therefore you can center and balance yourselves rather quickly, and all of your bodies – mental, emotional, energetic and physical – can and will respond appropriately by speaking from their hearts, and thus responding with love and kindness.

You can maintain the joy and the excitement of your exuberant inner child. But with the wisdom and the knowing of your adult – your mature and new self – you can bring and hold the safe space for others, so they can, gently and rapidly, let go of their own fears, angers, and misunderstandings buried deep, deep inside their bodies, which are stunting their growth, directing and sabotaging them unconsciously, and keeping them trapped in smallness for so long.

When you stay in the balance and the stillness of your hearts, you do not allow your immature inner child, or the critical parental self, to intervene and take over by reacting in ways that are not beneficial and are not for the highest good of those who are only looking for real support, unconditional love, and true understanding that has eluded them for so long.

Call on me dear hearts, when in need! Better, see yourselves sitting with me – your beloved Jesus within – around the bright fire of your sacred hearts, sharing calmly a particular situation or any other story that might confuse thee. Feel the peace and the clear understanding that comes to you instantaneously.

But mostly, feel my love and the great appreciation for this work that you are doing so beautifully. Let us both smile knowingly when you heal and create harmony within yourselves and therefore create only love outside.

Celebrate dearest hearts! Celebrate in silence, dear ones, or celebrate out loud, but do it in style!

Stay with my love and peace! Stay with my brotherly embrace! Farewell!


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle.