Aluna Ash: Energy Update- Incoming Shifts/Stellar Plasma Through Sun

waves of light eraoflightdotcomI already mentioned this last week or the week before but we have another Plasma wave coming in through the Sun- active and will peak at different times depending on where you live as far as hemispheres and how you experience the energy individually so how you tune into the sun and the planets in the collective Consciousness because there will be a spike in the Schumann resonance with this. This can create winds and changes in weather, and the usual energy shifts emotionally mentally physically and spiritually. You may also feel increases in sexual energy.

The winds will be strong/ possible power outages- all from the cosmic rays coming through. We have already shifted timelines collectively and collapsed 13,000 yrs of bs in multiple collective timelines, at one point there were about 20 highest potential collective timelines- now there are less. WE are the change. Do not fear or feed into the hype about 5G either- if you believe its dangerous then you agree collectively to allow it to be, if you see it as technology shifting because we are and have shifted & evolved, then thats what itll be. Stand in your power. WE create. WE agree to experience as a group and individually.… I forgot to mention, the codes/frequencies that come through these rays are what are connected to synchronicity and number manipulation by the ones (once) in control of the entertainment, collective perception and money systems. Example: 13D, sirius b ray-52, 52 used often in numerology manipulation using synchronicities which are the fabric of the holographic reality through ray projection. (The projections are just layers of light.) This is one of many base numbers used most often.

Time is cylical so events flow through number/frequency- cause and affect, based off the time dimensional frequency and projection. Its the mind creates the duality/division. Not the natural reality. The division here on this planet is due to our mental projection individually and as a collective consciousness. And it’s not even really about a particular situation or experience but all of our experiences that is creating in unfolding of pure potential to create a completely new paradigm, as Lisa Harrison would call it “deconstructing the construct” which I think is the most perfect reference for what this is and what we’re doing Each experience is based of perception/projection- some may feel the cosmic rays, some may not. Some may see them, some may not. Either way, the importance is focused on staying in the excitement of creating and having that my opinion. Everything I speak on is my own perception so may not resonate!! Our sun is a portal- for these rays/projections. The rays coming through the Sun are causing the “magnetic” sun or “Divine Feminine” cycle. We are by Divine design- shifts right now are spiritual then physical and vice versa.



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