Message from Mother God: Become More Light

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomGreetings children, this is your Mother God speaking. I wrap you each tenderly in my embrace in this most sacred now. Breathe me in. Breathe in my love, my light, my joy, my purpose, my sheer joy with you, precious one. Can you feel my love? Can you see how I look at you, each of you, so tenderly? Your bodies are tired for they are morphing into light. Absorb more of my light. Become more light. Become more of the Christed light that you always have been and do try to enjoy this experience. Wrap my love around you like the thickest, softest, pinkest blanket you have ever seen and snuggle up for there is much to share with you today.

The dark ones have been vanquished and are in the process of being repurposed, reformed, redistributed further into my love, my will, my purpose. Be sure that more will continue, for this is a massive clean-up project and know that you are an integral aspect of this. You are our precious ground crew! You have agreed to serve selflessly and now you shall reap the rewards of service by further expansion and experiencing ascension within the physical as you serve in joy, becoming more of the light beings that you have already been, more fully into your physical form.

Your memories are beginning to come back, coming online. So are your powers, your innate abilities. Enjoy them and always infuse your intentions with love, my love, so that we are in total accordance with divine love and direction. Be at peace and be renewed in the hope that is in many ways already here. For children, my hope is in you and I know you will shine your brightest in the darkest hour.

Hold my hand and hold on tight, as we cross the busy street, looking both ways. But hold my hand for we are crossing through the chaos of the busy thoroughfare of energies into Nova Gaia just beyond. You are bringing Nova Gaia here with your intentions, your service, your devotion to her, to me.

YOU are the Nova Gaians of my heart, of the stories of old, of the future returned to build this wondrous new story. And so it continues. Remain in me dears. Remember my ultimate security blanket of my love and be comforted, be at peace. Rest in my love. You can do this throughout your busy working days. Envision my pink love wrapped up around you tight, fully insulated from the perhaps chaotic energies of those surrounding your field. Do not let them in. Extend this blanket of love to them. Cover your office space with it, your town, your world with it. We could all use a little comfort right now, this I see. I feel your exhaustion. Rest children and be at peace and always remember to keep holding my hand. I am your Mother God. I love you so much. Rest in me and be comforted. I see you, I know you, I love you. Be at peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl