Message from Mother, Father God and Sananda: You Are The Light

I Am Divine eraoflightdotcomHello sweet angels, this is your Mother God. I see your cries for cleansing, for assistance thorough this current wave of tumultuous energies of intense transmutation. Many of you have been bothered by smells, noises and are perhaps feeling a bit prickly and extra sensitive, and the idea of a vacation alone in a dark cave sounds appealing. Let me hold that space for you. Let me be that dark cave of complete quiet, complete peace and tranquility for you. What you are longing for is the void where all is possible, where all is all, and yet, all is not yet, where Mother and Father God breathe and create lovely thought forms that dance and spin and become.

You are our precious creation. You are in the midst of our precious creation’s unfolding experiment and we are all hands on deck, sleeves rolled up, working hard alongside our precious ground crew. You have assistance. Call upon us! You are not alone. We are all eager and waiting on your every word, your every prayer and cry for help. You are not supposed to do this alone and we see many of you slogging along needlessly when your foot steps could be lighter and more dance-like, more joyful, if you would but call upon us, upon me, and let me dance beside you. Remember the footsteps poem? We are carrying you, when you allow us to do so. I am your Mother God. I believe Father has a few words for his precious ones.

Hello children of my form, of my breath, of my essence. I am your Father and I gather you all to my knee (bounce, bounce). Come now, let us talk a bit, for you are weary. Would you like a joke? Why did the lightworker cross the road? Because they were too tired to transmute it! Ha! There, have I made you laugh or is that truly a “Dad joke”, an eye-roller? Children, lighten up. Too many slumped shoulders.

These energies are rough right now are they not? And yet, they are only rough when the wave is slapping you in the face and dragging you under. Nope. You are to RIDE the wave. You are to GLIDE on top of it, not even getting wet except for the pleasant spray of light and joy that surround you. Ask me to surf it with you. I love a good challenge and a good wave to surf is here. Surf’s up children! Time to paddle your board, hop on and glide. Smooth. Strong. Free. Wind in your face and then at your back pushing you along, co-creating with you, in joy and bliss. That’s how it is supposed to be, to feel. These energy bursts are a gift of the universe to you, to this sector and of course to our dear Gaia, our planet of planets! And what a beautiful and stunning planet she is, resplendent in her beauty as a bride before her bridegroom.

Children you are coming home. You are coming home to your friends and family in the rafters who are cheering you on! Supporting you! Loving you! YOU! Feel it. Feel that! No more despondency. Time to rise up as the victors that you are. Now dust off the sand and let’s try this again. Except this time let me surf it with you! Ah, there we go. Up, up and away! Soaring as one, you and I, gliding, flying. Look and see all the other light workers flying alongside you! Yes, we are one. One. I love you. I am your Father God.

Hello friends! I am your Sananda, or formerly known as Yeshi to many of you, for we have worked together many times in many ways. Currently we are working on Team Ascension Gaia and it is tremendously exciting! These energy waves are intense, powerful, and we see many of you feeling a bit fried. And so I would like to extend my right hand towards you now in love, in healing. Connect with me and feel the healing pulse. Look into my eyes and see my love for you. Look at my heart space and feel my love. I send it to you now. Open your heart up and receive this pulse of light, of love from me to you. Ask and I shall expand your heart space with you and together we will grow in this time of tumultuous change.

The challenge is to find the peace in the midst of it, which we encourage you to do. I am happy to walk alongside you as well on the water. No need to surf it, when you can just walk on it (laughing). It’s easy! When you are light of heart and vibration you can just float along. And so ask me to help you float along on top of these energy waves of pure power and bliss so that you feel the love encodements in them. Ask the universe to show you what you need to see in the midst of this time. For the final sludge is being transmuted. This one and many others have been sensitive to odors lately. Things seem to stink and that is because you are transmuting. Sometimes you will notice that a terrible taste in your mouth comes out of nowhere. You are transmuting. Or perhaps you have some additional bodily functions? That is transmutation too. And so ask me to rise above the dross of this experience and help transform it all, all that sludge, into light, into the the Christed consciousness of pure perfection and pure love, that is not only my own, but your own, if you claim it. It is time that you do, that you claim it as your destiny, because it is, dear friend. It is.

You are the light that you seek. It is not blasphemous, for I am saying it to you. Be at peace, be in joy and let us walk on this water of energy waves together as one – or you can surf it with Father, that would probably be more exciting, he is a daredevil, which I say with great affection! I love my family. I love my grounded ascending family of light and my spiritual family that surround me in etheric form. See? I am surrounded by those who love me, as are you, dear one, as are you. Feel this connection. I am sending a bit of extra love to your heart space now, you may feel a bit of a twinge, a tingle, a burst. It will help you recalibrate to this energetic push of the ages. I love you. Call upon me, I am ever here for you. I am your Sananda. Be at peace, and be in joy.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl