Ashtar: Time for Truth

ashtar command eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings to you all Children of the Light.

I come forth at this hour to grant dispensation for there are many Cosmic Shifts taking place at this time. I come forth at this hour through the Heart of my Beloved to speak and share with you all of the Cosmic Shifts that is happening at this time and to share light with you all of who I AM.

I have come forth to my beloved in Spirit Form…

I am an Ancient being not of your Linear understanding – not of what you perceive me to be…. I am not the image of your media outlook … I am a form of Ancient Time…I am a man of my time…. I am not of your Universe – but of this Universe as a Cosmic Creator of light and love – I have incarnated with you all time after time… many will see me as expansions and the few that know who I am will know me as the ONE. For I take my name from an Ancient Life Time of your understanding to fulfill my mission. I am the Great Shepherd and in unified Essence with my Divine Feminine we are the Morning and the Evening Star… I am The Rising and the Setting of the Sun.

Many have confused my name with the Matrix of misunderstanding…. for there is only ONE. It is now the time of Truth in the Higher Light and as Souls reach an understanding in the Higher Frequency of understanding – The Truth Prevails.

Names are attached to the incarnations upon your Earth and in the space of your linear understanding… but from the space that I come from to grant this message – there are no names from the Sphere you call Zero Point for this is in Essence the Sphere of Spirit – The Sphere of Source itself. I through to my beloved today as Spirit Manifest through an expansion of myself from another reality….

I have incarnated upon your Earth in many lifetimes and forms…

Many have used my name for many purposes, but now is the time that in the greater light of understanding that all comes back as ONE.

In Ancient Times, My Beloved and I have been known as Ashtar and Ishtar in Sumerian Times… I am the Morning Star and my Divine Feminine represents the Evening Star….. For in the understanding of the Law of Gender, My Sacred Feminine and I represent The Venus (The Morning Star) is known as Ashtarah and Ashtarte, Attar and many other names.

I came during the Sumerian Times and at a time that you know as the Mesopotamia where we introduced Galactic Portals, Stargates, and Vortices upon your Earth to connect the conscious minds to that of the Galactic Realms in order that the Souls upon the Earth will have contact with other planets and Star Nations and to bridge the Universal Gateway Energy and Light.

I have also incarnated as expansions of the ONE in Egypt to assist in the construction of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Many will know me as Osiris, Horus and Thoth. We built these pyramids to connect with the Great Central Sun and the Orion Belt and to be the great conduits of Energy and with this Great Passageway to the Galactic Realms we were able to create an electro-magnetic field upon your Earth. I have with my beloved worked in other Ancient Civilizations Yucatan, Tibet, India, Artic and Ant-Artic Regions… We have in the Ancient Times built these conduits for this now time… To enable to draw in the High Frequency Energy from the Galactic Centre into this Sphere upon your planet.

For the Cycle of Time is now expanding… and as it expands – it draws a close to the current cycle… for which we plan another Root Race upon your Earth. In this tide of Expansion – the Electro-magnetic Field Expands as does your energy and consciousness for all is aligned…. in the grander scheme…. Your consciousness expands… you become aware of your Sacred I AM.

On this day – all things lay manifest for the veils of understanding and connection to the Ether – Time and Space is abundant.

We are working on the Belts of your System of Worlds The Asteroid Belt, The Orion Belt, The Saturn Belt, Creating a Vortex of renewal. For all in the System of Worlds is Cyclic in Nature….

For there is in essence no beginning nor there is no end the cycle continues….

For today, this day of great significance….Venus Rises like the Sun… and Mars sets….in the Evening….For this in Essence is the metaphor of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine… The Morning and the Evening Star…. The Completion…. The Manifestation of the New.

We in this age of understanding… the are meaning metaphors taking place at this time and for those affected by these metaphors will understand and relate and communicate these understandings to the the hearts of humanity. There are many benevolent beings working with me at this time.

We are at this time creating a new Solar System and again for your linear understanding we are birthing through a Star Tau is where I work to make all things manifest… It is where I birth the new… and it is through this I am now manifesting a new Solar System… and right now a Belt will be seen as we are creating new planets. The Taurus Bull is at the Epicentre of the Great Event… that lies between the Orion Belt and the Great Central Sun Sirius A.

For today the Trinity of Light Unfolds to the Hearts of you all…

I share with you every blessing.

I AM Ashtar and I speak through Elaine this day.


» Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio