Heaveletters: You Are The Sunshine of God’s Life

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

Be still today, and know I am God. What else is it that you need to know? The word God, or any word you have for God, signifies all the love on Earth and in Heaven. It is momentous that there is a God, and that He or She is yours. I am yours. I am infinitely yours. There is always more of Me, and there is always more of you.

I cast you before Me. I liked what I saw. I like what I see. I see more than even your mother sees. I see the True You. My vision is not hobbled by the past and the eyes of the world. I see clearly. I see you clearly, and I am well-pleased. I see the True You. I see that you are made of beauty. I see that you are made of love. I see greater than your mother, and I see a greater expanse than you see. By far, I see farther than you. I see all the way to Me. I see Me in you. I also see that you don’t see far enough. Tunnel vision you have, I see.

You are a wonder of a human being. You are amazing. And sometimes you are amazing at your lack of vision. Time and time again, you put off seeing yourself as you are. You think that seeing yourself as you are is a rather shady thing. No, you are the sunshine of My life. All that there is in the world I have given you. It is not a hope chest that I have filled. It is your heart that I have filled. And I fill it again and again until you know what your heart of God contains.

There is no need for you to fill your heart with dregs from the past. Empty your heart of them. The past was only a moment in made-up time. The past was nothing at all. If you didn’t like the past, all the more reason to let it go by the wayside. And if you did like the past, then know there are wonders yet to appear, just as you appeared, seemingly from the mist. It certainly feels like you are a walk-in. You wandered in, and you haven’t yet quite figured out who you are and what you are doing here.

Why, you are here for Me. I asked you to come. You said you were glad to, and now you are not so sure. It doesn’t matter. You are here. You are here on Earth to stay for your allotted time, and then to return to My heart which you have never left anyway.

You are a mythological figure. That you exist on Earth as a body is a myth. You do exist on Earth, and yet you exist as a soul on Earth inside a human body. The body has its uses, and yet the body is the least of you, the very least, and the biggest illusion of all. Everyone falls for it and considers himself the body and little more when, the fact is, that you are much more. The body isn’t much. Nevertheless, enjoy being a body. Enter into the experiment. Relish human life.

True, you have many decisions to make. Decisions arise for you to make. Choose life. Choose life in all its colors, vibrant colors. Life is not lackluster, beloveds. Life holds great opportunity for you. If you have not yet realized who you are, then realize that you are a rose in bloom, and you bloom for all time. Infinite are you. Infinite is the truth of you. I made you, and I know what you are made of. You are the real thing. You are not tinsel or glitter, although you do shine. Indeed, you do shine.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff