April 2019 Energy Report

horoscope eraoflightdotcomWelcome to April. After surviving the tsunami of energy we experienced in March, April is a month for action. But with a twist – this must be inspired, intentional action, not going in any direction because we’re so glad to be free of the grinding downloads and the restrictions we have been feeling since the beginning of 2019. We have had brief glimpses of energetic freedom, harmony, and flow, but we’re tired of appetizers, we want the whole meal.

The key to success is activating our soul’s guidance, our inner GPS to ensure that our intention is aligned with our highest potential and what we envision is not just the right thing, but the most powerful of our potentials. Sounds like a lot of work? It isn’t but we do have to participate in the process by taking action, trusting our own intuition, and release our fears, confusion, and lack of belief in ourselves.

April opens up with ‘April Fool’s Day’. Generally people play practical jokes on this day but if you’re a tarot reader you know that the Fool card is #0, the very first card, (tarot decks begin with 0, not 1). 0 has specific symbolism because it represents infinite possibility and pure potential. It is not ‘nothing’, it is ‘no thing’, where nothing exists and energy is present and waits to be created into some thing. It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the point of pure potential where everything is possible and nothing is happening yet.

The space of pure potential feels empty because it is our chance to be creators, as we move from karma, where our life path is pre-destined with the healing work we need to do, to creation, where our life path unfolds according to our thoughts and beliefs.

All of the clearing and release work we do brings us to the space of ‘no thing’, and sometimes that is quite literal, there is ‘nothing’ left in our life. That can feel very scary and isolating but we don’t have to wait until our life is empty to start filling it up with new people and situations.

In this very creative month and year (2019 is a year of creative potential), try creating something new as soon as something leaves or realize that the moment you create an energy container for a ‘new thing’ everything that is not aligned with it will be eliminated (which means being shown the door). This is an active month and we need to activate our creative skills if we’re going to start creating something out of ‘no thing’.

What else is happening in April? This is the final month of new and full moons at  15 and 0 degrees, respectively. This has been going on since October 2018, where the new and full moon energies are at the balance point (15 deg) and the zero point, or beginning. It has created some powerful energy swings as we cycle from balance or neutral position to zero or no thing.

Remember the long Mercury retrograde in March? It’s now over and Mercury is direct again but it won’t be out of shadow until the 17th when it hits the 29 Pisces degree again. And this brings another big cycle to a close. Mercury rules karma so Mercury cycles are important to us and 29 Pisces is the final degree of the zodiac. We also have to look at Mercury’s relationship with Pisces since it rules Virgo, the opposite sign. What we have here is an end to a collective karmic cycle that pushes us into a new paradigm.

My guides told me that we were entering into this new paradigm on April 1 and while you may or may not feel it yet, it’s there for all of us to eventually integrate – remember everyone integrates energy in different ways and at different levels. If you have been feeling the need to clean, clear, release, and move things out of your energy space, blame both Mercury retrograde and the upcoming end of this karmic cycle. On a soul level we are so ready for this new paradigm, our bodies just need to catch up.

We also have Mercury, Venus, and Mars, the trio of personal planets, all changing signs this month too, adding to the action potential. Keep the energy moving, just remember to take time to smell the flowers along the way.

And this month we have a rare event that happens every 9 years, where Pluto aspects the North Node but this one will only happen once in our lifetime, with Pluto in Capricorn. In November 2010 it was conjunct, which happens only once every 19-20 years. The first week of April we have Pluto opposite the North Node which impacts the mother, family, and emotions. Are there any big debates going on that involves babies, families, mothers, and the home? It is an ongoing theme and that will get some resolution or a lot more attention with this Pluto/North Node action.  That is part of the Great Awakening we’re experiencing all around us. It’s also setting another rmarker for the upcoming Capricorn stellium of early 2020. Pluto represents total transformation from the ground up – no small changes here – it’s scorched earth, start over from the beginning. Let’s see what happens on the world stage with this powerful and rare aspect.

April’s theme is inspired and intentional action, with a focus on harmony and flow, which is what we achieve with congruence – the balanced flow of energy into and out of our lives. When a new intention arises, all of our energy shifts to create energetic space for it. Release then becomes effortless (not always easy or without a twinge of regret) because it is also part of the in/out flow.

As I have been writing since 2011 about the ‘Becoming 360’ path, which has several levels that move us through healing and wholeness first, intention creates the path for all of this to happen. So try out some new intentions this month, go deeply into the forgotten corners of your heart and bring up some of your old dreams, visions, and plans that you once thought had great potential but decades of life and living pushed them farther and farther back into the ‘some day’ closet. It’s time to bring them out and give them another look. Who knows, this may be the moment that everything aligns, including you, to move them from maybe to ‘here we go’.

Never lose hope, it is the anchor for your vision and what will allow you to bring the dreams of your heart and the potential of your soul into your reality. Joy is your purpose.

Have a wonderful month.


» Source » By Brenda Hoffman