El Morya: Become the Purest Love that You Are

master el morya eraoflightdotcomGreetings dear ascended ones! I am El Morya, Chohan of the Blue Ray of the Divine Will, I am your brother, your teacher, and friend. I come today to speak to you about responsibility, about…let’s call it your earthly duties as this newly embodied ascended self that you are. And by all means understand that this is not a rigid state, for as you know, as a multi-dimensional being, you can easily shift from the wholeness of your sweet selves into different parts of you as tiny as the tiniest of your particles. But you see, the question is, when you shift are you consciously taking your power with you, that loving power and essence of who you are? Are you taking your divine wisdom and knowing with thee when you retreat and focus on some small part of your selves?

This is very important because this is what you are still struggling with. You have to learn, or, better said, constantly remember to take your love and power with thee. Yes, being that in a concentrated form, but it has to be taken with thee. It takes lots of determination and awareness to do so. Do not underestimate your loving power, and I will say this over and over again… ‘you did not come into this lifetime to remain hidden in smallness, and to deny who you are while worrying about misusing your power.’

You do want to assist many, but I come and say to thee that when in doubt of how to do this, especially when you find yourselves in a gray zone, just remember to come back to love. If it seems that force is needed then, dear hearts, this is not of love. Force is not at all like the power of love. Love doesn’t push, cajole, or corner anyone, forcing them to understand the truth. Love is soft, nurturing, and powerful, love is sweet and reassuring, love is soothing, love is wise, love is all-encompassing, giving you and everyone else all that they need in any particular moment. When, and if, for any reason, you find yourselves constricted and in a far and distant part of yourself, remember the love. By focusing on the feeling of love you get the right directions and the answers that you are seeking.

The ascended master that you are knows how to take the highest route, and has the wisdom and the resources to flood any difficult situation with love, kindness, and compassion. However, when you take, by mistake, the road of limitation, remember the only way out is by way of your heart. This is the power of love, and your responsibility and divine will is to be the love in any circumstance. What that means, dear brothers and sisters is sometimes doing absolutely nothing, and that, of course, includes the not speaking part. You can use telepathy and silent love language if you must do something.

But retreating into your wholeness or, better said, becoming the purest love that you are, is always the best and recommended approach. Do understand that the master doesn’t work by taking the pain and suffering away from others, for he knows that there is free will and that everyone has the means, if they make the choice, to become free from limitations and suffering. The teacher doesn’t give the student the answers but only leads him/her wisely by asking questions, while keeping himself approachable and ready to further assist when the need arises.

Be the loving power that you are, dear hearts. Be the purity of your heart no matter where you find yourselves. Be the strength of God!

You are loved. You are supported. Stay with my love. Farewell.


» Source » Channel: Genoveva Coyle