Revisiting What’s Real and Right; New Understanding Available in April

lightworker eraoflightdotcomReady for something new? There will be ample opportunities this month to create in new ways and to experience renewal that will help you thrive and move forward. After a month of tricky energies with Mercury Retrograde, things are lightening up and it likely will be much easier to connect the dots and see situations more clearly.

Helpful Insights Coming to Light

April will be a month of revisiting what’s real, what’s right, and what needs to be rewritten. This is on both a personal and societal level, with very old unfinished business coming to light and people having an ability to see themselves more clearly. Consider, on a very personal level, that this means you can get more in touch with your gifts, positive traits, and light within – perhaps recognizing some of them fully for the first time. Continue reading to see how these things play out.

What’s Real

Societal Level: We’re living in times when information is often manipulated or withheld. It’s not unusual to see scientific facts questioned or even denied. Information that the public typically had access to is sometimes being withheld to protect the powerful. As I describe in “Predictions 2019” disinformation campaigns disguised as truth are destabilizing key countries. The energies of April will bring such things more out into the open. Those of us on the leading edge of change are being called to question more deeply than before, and confront injustices when we see them.

Personal Level: On a personal level, this month’s energies could be the perfect catalyst to dive deeper into your self-understanding. If you are like most of us, you have had plenty of conditioning that taught you to doubt yourself, to fear taking risks, and to see yourself as inadequate. Now is an excellent time to blast open those fears. They are not real. You know that on some level, of course, but conditioning has you giving into them anyway. Even small steps you take this month to break this conditioning will benefit you enormously. With personal inner work and healing modalities like DNA, you can rewrite the habits and patterns that keep you stuck.

Heart Check-In

I suggest that you take time DAILY to check in with your heart about yourself and your reality. Invite a knowing of what’s real and true vs made up and false. Ask for clarity about the appropriate path for you – to know what is right for you as a soul. Tune into examples of how you criticize yourself, tell yourself something will be hard, and compare yourself with others. And then, knowing your heart will tell you the truth, ask to be reminded of your positive qualities and your light and how those things allow you to make a real difference in this world.

Moon Energy Gateways

April has two moon energy gateways. The April 5 New Moon in Aries is a wonderful time to connect with inspiration and fiery energy for your special projects and new starts. The April 19 Full Moon in Libra – the second Libra Full Moon of 2019 – can be a key opportunity to resolve or energize relationships and financial issues.

For Right Now

As April begins envision a series of blessings unfolding in your life.


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