Master Kuthumi: Wake Up

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomGod is higher than everything, God is within everything, and everything is achieved through God.

Time runs, and those are running out of time who take too much time for working on their awareness – a little here and there, this or that change – that’s what many are content with.

Small steps lead to small results. That is why I am inviting you today to become more courageous and determined.

Don’t be afraid to dive deeper into your soul’s pain and to descend deeper into the darkness that hasn’t yet seen the light.

Your heart shall be healed, it shall bathe in the light, and your souls shall be cleansed completely.

In this message I remind you that you were born to remember – remember the beautiful, great, sublime and perfect being that you are.

A human being who is a stranger to this fact misses out on his life and is reborn as often as it takes for this memory to return.

Don’t be afraid to dive into your world. Don’t have any reservations about annulling old arrangements and letting go of old burdens, because truly: your Being must be cleared of all superimpositions so that you can remember.

Love yourself and heal!

Make this work a matter of importance, put more energy into your transformational work, and dedicate yourself to all hidden pains, so that you can experience profound healing.

Be kind with yourself and release all issues that are blocking this self-love with light.

You are free to decide on your own will how to work on becoming conscious!

Handle this freedom responsibly by using this unique time frame for quick and extensive healing.

You were born into a time that allows for leaps in consciousness. This is a rare opportunity for your growth.

Handle this gift wisely, and be loving and kind with yourself. Use celestial tools until you remember.

Your life only knows one meaning: to complete healing and return go God.Wake up!



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl