Life Tapestry Creations: Our New Universal Reports

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

Your need to be part of a community is designed to help you find your universal relatives – those with whom you have traveled through eons of locations and times.

Many of you are shifting those of your community acknowledging that some will remain, while others are no longer of interest. Such is so because you have completed those interactions or karma.

Some might find such actions mean or cold as those beings have traveled with and loved you for eons. Yet, now that your karmic ties are complete you no longer wish to have them in your life.

Your being is a never-ending gatherer of Universal information. But because you have completed pieces with this or that individual, it is time for both of you to perform new information gathering activities.

You created contracts with one another so you could explore certain emotions, physical activities, or dimensions. Now that you have finished exploring those pieces, new entities experimenting with different aspects of totality interest you.

In a sense, all entities write their interests on a large whiteboard and those who have similar interests sign up to explore that activity with those beings. To explore those emotions or actions, the two must coordinate dimensions, locations, age, racial identities, gender, etc. So that even though several entities wish to explore similar activities or emotions, such cannot happen without acceptance from both of many similar layers.

Such fine-tuning might seem extremely difficult, but it is a relatively easy flow. So it is many interact in the same location, time, activity, etc. creating a flow in which entities find one another with limited difficulty.

Many of those blended lives are ending – perhaps after eons of interacting – only to create new interactions with different goals. For the interactions, you completed in this earth lifetime, were fear-based. Your new interactions are based on love.

Those who do not understand this shift might speak harshly of those who have “outgrown” them. You merely need to remember others were once the center of your world for they were instrumental in teaching you how to fear. The same will now happen in learning to love.

You might want to think of those who interacted with you in fear as important as the Dick and Jane books from which you learned to read. Even though those Dick and Jane books offered you reading skills that you will treasure for the remainder of your earth life, you did not pursue that level of reading material once you mastered the written word.

So it is now. You have mastered fear. Even though those fear lessons will guide you to love, fear is no longer required as a counter-point. For you could not have fully understood an earth life of love without the counter-point of fear you mastered throughout the past eons.

You are setting the stage for eons of earth love you will likely visit in other earth lives. But if and when you do, you will only interact with those who wish to experience love in the earth plane.

So it is you have set the stage for love – something you are just beginning to experience through new thoughts, actions, and interactions.

Even though you may mourn those you left behind in fear, know that they can join you if they so wish in this life or other lives. For Universal dimensions – of which the earth is now part – are bathed in love. It was only earth and a few other places that you and those as adventuresome as you were able to explore fear and other emotions not bathed in love.

The result of your nonlove experiments became reports for those of the Universes to study, review, learn from, and shift. So it is you are a teacher of the most significant and bravest magnitude. Allowing you to explore emotions and actions others of the Universes did not wish to because of the heavy burden such explorations incurred.

Now that you have evolved beyond your fear explorations, you are encouraged to explore and reward yourself with joy. The joy explored and expressed by the majority of Universal entities.

Granted, there will be times when you miss the sharpness, if you will, of fear or emotional pain. Not because you have to, but because such was your program for so many eons. But gradually, you will adjust to the ease of living your new truth.

Even if you wish to return to pain, your attempts will turn out as you once wished they would have. You are a different person in a different world. Pain and fear are yet available on the earth, but there is no reason for you to explore either as your new class, your new learning pieces are of love, joy, and ease.

Learning new class experiences will seem uncomfortable initially, but oh so wonderful once you accept you no longer need to report pain and fear. Your new reports are about shifting your emotions from fear to love. So be it. Amen.


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