The Elohim: Preparing for the Leap into New Earth

elohim beings eraoflightdotcomWe are the Elohim.

Today marks an important day in the inner life of Earth’s humanity. As people come to realize what has been achieved on this day, they will view it as a great victory: a triumph of light over darkness. Today marks the end of a long period of confinement, ignorance and suffering of humans on this planet, and the beginning of something entirely new and better.

Humanity’s liberation is a process that has long been in the works, and will unfold to completion over the coming years. By our reckoning, today is the day it begins in earnest.



What’s so special about today? Today is the day that humanity as a collective being has unanimously resolved – in its collective heart and mind – upon its own liberation. Your liberation has begun because together you have dared to choose and enter a shared reality that is open, free and aligned with cosmic life.

This possibility has been on the table for awhile! But the inspired messages of prophets and visionaries, and the whisperings of angels, have been ignored by the apathetic, the pessimistic and the chronically distracted. And the best possible outcome has been disparaged and feared by humanity’s tyrants, whose identity pivots on the domination of others. But somehow – and not a moment too soon – everyone has agreed on getting to the best possible outcomes for humanity on Earth.

This represents a dramatic leap. It is especially important to note that this profound transformation could not have happened without your collective resolution. All the help in the universe amounts to nothing without your wholehearted choice.


Now we are the first to admit that this is not an event of your outer world. It is rather an event of your inner life. Your inner life is personal, but also collective. The inner lives of individuals are interconnected, and form a larger whole: the inner life of humanity. This principle is something that many people have forgotten, but begin to recover now. And this recovery is vital, because together you must reconstitute everything about your awareness, identities and life. You must do this together. Success is only possible if you can feel, think and act upon the foundation of your common being. Although that common being has been forgotten, it is real, and fully recoverable.

You cannot enter your new reality merely through plans and actions among your discrete individual selves. On New Earth you will be conscious of your oneness with one another, your planet, and the whole of universal life. This joining in consciousness is a fundamental feature of your liberation process. This is a mass migration from separation to oneness.

What will New Earth look like? How will your inspired collective choice manifest in your lives? We don’t entirely know, because it is largely up to you.



Now we come to the more challenging part of our message. Many people reading this will be familiar with its content, which has been introduced in various forms over recent years. But today’s collective advance creates an opening for an emphatic reminder.

As humanity gradually recovers its awareness, it has begun to recognize that the Earth – Gaia – is a conscious living being that sponsors and provides for humanity and other forms of life. Perhaps less advanced is humanity’s appreciation that Earth’s sun – Sol – is a conscious living being that sponsors all the planets in orbit around it, and intelligently oversees the evolution of life upon them. Forgetting these things doesn’t make them any less true or real: only harder to benefit from.

The hierarchy of suns, branching out from a Great Central Sun, forms an important part of the universal architecture. Recalibrations of solar systems and planets are periodically administered through the hierarchy of suns. A local sun will receive, interpret and deliver information channelled through the hierarchy from the Great Central Sun. A recalibration typically occurs when a long celestial cycle ends and a new one begins.

This takes the form of a rapid and intense increase in solar activity and output – a burst of energy – which significantly affects orbiting planets and their life forms. These watershed events encode solar pulses with transformative information, which planets and species receive and respond to by changing.

In a few years, Earth will undergo a major recalibration as the result of a major solar burst or flash that will mark the start of a new epoch. At that time, the modal frequency of life on Earth will be significantly and permanently elevated. Geophysical changes may also be expected.

Some proportion of humanity will die instantaneously during this event. Nervous systems that are not sufficiently prepared for the volume and frequency of energy from the solar flash will simply burn out. This is not a matter of heavenly judgement about who is worthy and unworthy to remain on the Earth, but rather an acid test of who is biologically and energetically prepared to survive the shift.

A version of Earth that supports life in unity rather than separation will run at a much higher frequency. The gradual frequency increase that you’ve all experienced in recent years will culminate in a large and rapid frequency jump during the solar flash. Your personal history of frequency adjustment will determine if you can retain your current physical form through this powerful event.

Some of those who die during the solar flash will be able to reincarnate on New Earth, while others will reincarnate on other planets for experiences that are more appropriate to their accumulated choices. Today’s collective choice by humanity on Earth accommodates all these diverse scenarios. Even those whose passion and vision directs them away from New Earth now agree that it should become real for those who want it. The implications of this change in humanity’s inner life for humanity’s outer prospects are positive and deep.


Two questions quickly arise among those who hear this information for the first time. One question is ‘How many people will die?’. The other question is ‘What is the nature of geophysical change, and how disruptive will it be?’. And the answer to both questions is the same: It depends mainly on what humanity does with its consciousness between now and the solar recalibration.

The more that humanity rises to this opportunity and deliberately grows its consciousness, the higher the number of persons who will survive the solar flash, and the broader the biological base for reincarnation. Similarly, the more that human consciousness grows to embrace Gaia and respect other forms of life – graduates from using and abusing them – the less severe the geophysical response to the solar flash will be.

In general terms, the more that humanity comes to honour Gaia and Cosmic Intelligence, the more they will be able to protect and assist humanity through this powerful transition. This general answer can be interpreted in light of contemporary physics, religion, philosophy or everyday social intelligence. Take your pick.

It may be daunting to think that humanity has only a few years to reverse millennia of negative conditioning. On the other hand, at this time humanity is also given vastly expanded freedom and opportunity to change its consciousness according to its heartfelt intention. The stakes are raised, but so are your powers.

If the solar flash were to come today, more people would die than survive, and cataclysmic events would be likely to occur. However, within a few short years, a majority of people can survive, and geophysical consequences are likely to be much more manageable.

Practical preparations are advisable but insufficient. Humanity must prepare itself within. And today marks an important beginning.

Two weeks ago, the channel for this message prepared an affirmation for his daily practice. He includes it below at our suggestion, to illustrate the shift in awareness that we encourage you all to pursue:

We humanity of Earth resolve with Gaia upon unity.
We proclaim the liberation of our planet and our species.
We initiate the full restoration of our human form and purpose.

We thank all those who have taught us on our journeys.
We apologize to all those whom we’ve harmed.
We forgive all those who’ve exploited and abused us, and we release them.

We thank Gaia for sustaining us.
We gratefully receive the blessings of all who support our growth in love.
We release our past selves of separation and become our new selves of Oneness.

Unlimited help is available to you upon request. We are confident of your success.

We are the Elohim.
» Shared per request via email » Channel: Tarashtan