Prepare for Wesak; Annual Celebration of Enlightenment

earth shining eraoflightdotcomWe are sitting in a new energy threshold for this weekend’s annual Wesak and its celebrations of the Ascended Masters and their teachings. The juxtaposition of Wesak amidst the world’s craziness is a clarion call for accelerated awakening across this planet. Humanity is reaching a critical mass of chaos, on a magnitude we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. Continue reading for context and understanding about how to best prepare for Wesak and our current juncture.

About Wesak

Wesak for centuries has been an annual celebration of enlightened beings including the Buddha, Christ, Kuan Yin, Milarepa, Tapihritsa – gathering on the inner planes in the sacred Wesak Valley in the Himalayas. This honors the Buddha on his birthday but it’s much more than that. The awakened ones, known for having ordinary human lifetimes before becoming enlightened, gather together in ceremonies designed to assist all beings with bountiful blessings and initiations. When you attend a Wesak meditation like those I’ve presented live globally since 2000, you are connected energetically with these beings, and also with potent energetic support for your own enlightenment. No two Wesaks are the same. Certainly this year’s will carry some very unique energies and benefits for individuals and the whole of humanity.

Wesak is not connected to any religion. It is a spiritual celebration with human beings of diverse traditions who became enlightened and are now on the inner planes. These beings do not want to be worshiped – they interact with us to help us remember and attain our own enlightenment potential.

Each being on the Earth has the same potential, in some lifetime, as the enlightened masters did. We are hard-wired at a DNA level with the potential for enlightenment. In fact, enlightened qualities like patience and compassion are naturally existing at the core of our being! We are naturally loving and kind – that is our true nature. When we hate and distrust others, that’s coming from conditioning.

The above background is included here as we need regular reminders of our true nature and who we really are as beings. Each of us has the potential to become fully enlightened, a process over lifetimes. Each of us has, in one or more previous lifetimes, studied teachings related to enlightenment. That awakened state is our eventual destiny. What’s important now is that all of us incarnated now decided on some level in advance of our birth that this particular lifetime would be pivotal for our enlightenment journey and that we would put ourselves in situations catalyzing awakening. When you reflect back on these words, you will know exactly how this applies to you.

Your Longtime Connection to the Masters

I posted this on my Facebook Council of 12 page this week: “A long long time ago you had a tangible connection to one of the great awakened beings who walked the Earth. Your connection may have been direct, having known or been in the presence of this enlightened being – or your connection could have come through teachings you were blessed to receive. At Wesak each year these ascended beings gather in the Wesak Valley for the Buddha’s birthday and to celebrate the enlightenment potential of all beings.”

The Opportunity of Wesak

Preparing for Wesak is less about doing and more about being. Ideally you want to set aside quiet moments, away from the noise of the world, to still your mind and open yourself to insights and blessings available during Wesak Season. Focus on your heart and the core of your being, remembering the love naturally existing there. Allow that love to rise up within you so your heart is more open to receiving. Let that love guide your body, speech and mind as you go about your day. Wesak Season includes Wesak itself but also the several weeks before and after Wesak. Throughout that entire time you may be able to connect with the Ascended Masters in tangible ways. Significant life shifts are possible – including a mega transformation in how you see yourself. This one thing – seeing yourself in a new way – could be THE catalyst you have needed to make the next big leap.

To attend a Wesak celebration adds significantly to your experience, your having a tangible connection with one or more of the enlightened beings in the Wesak Valley. Some longtime attendees have told me they interact with the same being (e.g. Jesus or Kuan Yin) each year, feeling a deeper and expanded connection over time. Others say they interact with different beings at some Wesaks, depending on what’s happening in their life.

Wesak Prayer

Here’s a prayer you can recite at Wesak and daily throughout Wesak Season, helpful for connecting with the blessings of Wesak: “I ask that I awaken to my true self within. I ask for the grace and divine force needed to receive my enlightenment now, to whatever extent is possible in this moment. I ask to be awakened to what’s already within me, but which I’m not aware of, and that I be guided to my potency. With gratitude in my heart, I let it be.”

Full-Blue Moon at Wesak

Wesak is being celebrated at the Scorpio full moon (also a blue moon) on May 18. The energies of this moon can illuminate a vast treasure of hidden information and secrets. Consider that whatever this is for you, at Wesak it will have a quantum potency. Your Higher Self and the Masters – knowing where you are on your enlightenment path – will use this Wesak energy gateway to reveal instrumental information and provide key energetic catalysts for your awakening. The experience, regardless of how tangible it is in the moment, will continue to unfold for weeks to come.

Knowing this in advance will help you prepare. It will help you to stay present and receive fully, trusting that you are being connected with the deepest part of yourself that knows the truth of your existence. This will be quantum and vast. So let go of attempting to figure things out or describe your experience in detail. Quantum insights and experiences cannot be reduced to a few sentences – or even a volume of books – they are alive and evolving as you respond to them.

Trust that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are in the divine right place and you are being guided to your next steps on your enlightenment journey. Know that you are loved beyond measure.


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