Quan Yin and Gaia: Clearing the Himalayas and High Mountains

quan yin eraoflightdotcomQuan Yin says, dear heart, I am Quan Yin. I come today with important message. The Divine has decreed that the planetary ascension has reached a point that Gaia and humanity have been releasing nonstop, and that releasing has helped so much for Mother Earth’s ascension. In other words, because of the mass releasing that the planet has experienced, the planet now is in a much more stable place, and it is easier for Gaia to continue her journey home.

Yes, the planet has been releasing nonstop. Besides the land masses, also the ocean waters. Gaia has literally cleaned out all of her children in order for the oceans to be healed. Right now, Gaia’s ocean waters are quite damaged. Marine life has been ill for some time, to the point where the Divine and Gaia have to bring in the new species to balance out the ecosystem. So far, Gaia has brought thousands more of the new species from the other star systems to balance Mother Earth, and hopefully that is enough.

Besides the ocean floors, we, the Divine also have been busy working to rebuild Gaia’s marine life. Gaia wants the newly arrived species to be arranged in a way that fits human life. In other words, because humanity’s appetite is so gigantic, Gaia’s ocean life has to be rearranged in order for Gaia’s new arrangement fit in the humanity’s system, so that the food chain won’t be totally interrupted. For that, we, the Divine and the company of heaven, really appreciate Gaia’s efforts and Mother Earth’ Nature. It looks like that Humanity will have a brand new ecosystem, and healthy nutritious food supplies. That is Gaia’s plan and so far Gaia has kept her promise.

I love you dear heart, I am Quan Yin. In the upcoming weeks and months, when Mother Earth continues her journey home, we, the Divine will continue to help Gaia to rebuild the oceans and ocean floors. So far, Gaia’s ocean floors have been taken down, and it is going to take some time for the new ocean floors to be built. Meanwhile, the Divine has sent out warnings to all Gaia’s children and letting them know that Gaia’s oceans are under reconstruction. Any attempt to interfere without permission will be taken up by the Divine laws, and there is no time frame which is given. In other words, Gaia’s oceans are off limit right now. No more fishings are allowed. No souls are allowed to utilize Gaia’s marine life without Gaia’s permission till further notice. For now, Gaia needs her ocean waters and we won’t allow any further damage. That is the law which applies to all souls on the planet. No souls shall disobey the universal Laws. The consequences for that is enormous.

Now, besides the oceans, Gaia also wants to repair the mountains. She knows that there are tremendous amount of energies deeply buried in the mountains. These energies sooner or later are going to come out. Instead of letting these energies come out without control, the Divine and the company of heaven, are currently helping with the release of these energies so Gaia can feel better after these energies are released. That is what is to come next. Gaia’s high mountains are going to start the releasing process, and that releasing can be quite spectacular. The Divine wants to warn the planet and humanity so that when the release happens, the planet can have a sense of what is happening.

Besides Gaia’s big releases, current weather patterns may change. Gaia has been gently directing Mother Earth so that the weather patterns are manageable. Now, due to the heavy releases of the deeply buried energies, Gaia’s mountains are going to be impacted, and so are the weather patterns. Gaia wants the Divine and the company of heaven, to be noticed, and do what is necessary to avoid damage which may be caused by the release.

Since Gaia’s release is so vast and wide spread, humanity may feel that the weather patterns are different from regions to regions, and are not sure how to translate Gaia’s warnings. I understand your sentiment dear ones. I know that Gaia’s warnings are mainly meant for the populations that reside in the high mountains around the world, literally have to take notes that Gaia’s intention is to clear her high mountains. Of course, high mountains may vary depending on the region where the mountains are located. Gaia has sorted through the mountains, and identified where she wants to start the clearing process. Gaia also knows that there are millions of souls who live in these mountains and their lives rely on these mountains. In order for all of Gaia’s mountains to be cleared, these souls have to be moved, and that is a huge undertaking. So, after consulting with the Divine, Gaia has decided to start with the mountains in the west. In other words, the high mountains in the Western Hemisphere will start the releasing process, the process may take some time. But nevertheless, Gaia wants the process to begin. And that is what is to come. If you live in these mountains, Gaia has a warning for you dear heart. Gaia wants the mountains to be cleared, and your life will be impacted. Keep your eyes open and stay safe.

I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. Next, The Himalayas will be the center of releasing. The Himalayas are the heart of the planet. It has been protected by the Divine for eons of time. Only recently did the Divine feel the need to let the protection go so that the releasing can be carried out. Due to the heavy Divine presence, the Himalayas have to be relocated. In other words, the Himalaya region has to be emptied out. The Divine presence has to be relocated so that eventually Gaia can release through the Himalayas. The Divine has sent out warnings to the region. The moving has to start. And Gaia has sent out her earnest warnings that she needs the region to be informed, and to start the moving process. Gaia needs the Himalayas to be emptied. She wants all souls in the region to know that the Himalayas are next. She wants to release through Himalayas and she needs the release. So, if you have lived or about to move to the region, dear heart, time to relocate. Find your new home. Gaia has decided, Himalayas are the next. The Himalaya needs to be cleared. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, are currently working with Gaia to relocate our Divine presence away from the Himalayas so that eventually, we can empty out the whole region. I know it is a tall order, but Gaia has decided and there is no room for delay. I love you dear heart. I am Quan Yin. So it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li