Extraterrestrial Message/Taygeta (Pleiades): Who Are We? (1)

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomHello Swarru and thank you so much for meeting tonight.

Thank you for being here with me.

To start could you please tell us who you are more exactly?

We are mostly from planets Erra and Temmer that are revolving around the Sun Taygeta in the Messia 45 M 45 star system Pleiades the Seven Sisters that is 422 light years away we are a task force of nearly 18,000 Taygetans in several ships.

What dimension are you from?

We come from the fifth density we prefer to call it densities than dimensions however all outside earth is fifth density anyway it’s only earth that is artificially kept in the super dense third density the normal universe is all fifth density having said that we don’t observe those densities as people on earth – we observe everything as a whole one gradient of softly raising frequencies as a whole not separate densities as if they had a wall between them those ideas are an earth concept only

We will definitely talk about densities in more depth in the future as this subject fascinates me now you said you are about 18,000 Taygetas in several ships are you in the orbit of planet Earth permanently or moving around between various places and how far from Earth are you stationed?

The ships are placed on several orbit height depending on the individual tasks of each ship one is at four hundred and ninety thousand kilometres orbit the big ones are mostly stationary the smaller ones are moving all over the place.

What are the tasks of these different ships

Some ships are command and control from where everything is monitored organized and controlled leadership isn’t done there are two such ships this is one of them others are dedicated to enforce the blockade one of them is a science ship and there are also several smaller agile ships to do multiple tasks and then there are also the most numerous ones and these are shuttles to go to and from the ships these are most ladies coital or box-shaped.

Can you expand on what you mean by ships that are dedicated to enforce the blockade.

We stop ships from leaving Earth or from going into earth without a clear motive to do so this to prevent hostile forces from entering and reinforcing the negative ones on earth also to stop the negative ones from smuggling people from earth to be sold as slaves or as meat to eat in several black market places especially on Orion and Zeta Reticuli the blockade is enforced mostly by three races Taygetas in command and control Alfratars from Alpha Centauri and Antarians.

I would like to ask two things are the small moving ships the ones that can be seen by us here mostly the so called UFOs some of them.

Yes and then you said you monitor ships going in and out now this is probably also another topic but what about the secret space program ships have they left the earth as they claim they have they bypassed your blockade.

There are many ships some are in areas like s4 area 51 but most of the big ones are on the move and under Federation control the u.s. space program has lost all its large ships doesn’t mean at some point they did leave earth yes they did in the 60s all the way up to the year 2008 when asked it knocked them all out in a space battle captured them.

Okay you said you stopped ships leaving earth what ships leave earth are you referring to the secret space program once

Some of the remaining ones are SSP others are reptilian or tall white or Maytree tall grey ships there is a lot of traffic here.

Okay let’s leave SSP for another top you then as it is a big one too you said everything around Earth is fifth density are your ships in the fifth density to when they are close to Earth

Everything outside Earth is in the fifth density.

How far out from Earth does it begin to be fifth density

The Van Allen belts mark the barrier.

How can we see those ships if they are in the fifth or are they below the Van Allen belts

I have a problem describing them here they are fighter ships and I am reluctant to call them like that because they sound very belligerent and yes many are below the belt many are on the surface landed or a low level flight and all variants in between when you follow just say they saw a plasma ship it’s not the ship itself what they are saying it’s the ionization that occurs in the atmosphere when the presence of a starships engine superheat and ion’s eise’s the airs molecules in short what they are saying it’s the ship’s exhaust pipe.

This is the Black Knight satellite there are nineteen of these they are Alfratans, l class fighters they stay in low-earth orbit knows them like a bird of prey looking for cabal reptilian or other negative ships.

Are more people coming from different places in Pleiades or mainly from the planets you mentioned?

Mainly but not incarnated they mostly go in using full immersion technology they do the same as we do but as they see fit however we all must follow the same rules.

What is an immersion technology?

A computerized virtual reality where you hack into the digital matrix that controls earth you appear and function as a human when you are not you go in there for a mission or a purpose.

Wow I definitely want to know more about that program at some point now you are biological human looking beings right

Yes we are from the same illyrian branch our main differences are the 12 strengths 24 chromosome DNA and as a result of this difference our nervous system is different as well as the sexual organs mainly it’s nearly all related to the nervous system where the nerve voltage is a lot higher than with humans and the brain has no celebrant lobes no right and left brain it’s all one mass we think holographically understanding duality with no conflict between hemispheres as it occurs with most earth people we also can seen a dark as cats do this is also because of a higher nervous system efficiency and all our senses are heightened as well we hardly get tired when running because our recovery time is a lot faster this is because of added material efficiency processing oxygen and also because of a higher oxygen level in our planets and ship’s internal atmosphere we are at 78 oxygen 20 percent nitrogen 2 percent other gases when on earth you are at roughly 78 nitrogen 20% oxygen and 2% other gases we are inverted and also we have no skeletal problems or they are rare because our gravity is at 80% 0.8 than that on earth in our planet and in the settings of the artificial gravity in the ship’s.

How do you learn our language?

By telepathic download and some practice as we pass information in bulk between all of us here it’s quite easy to learn a new language most of us speak fluently more than 10 earth languages.

ok I understand you are mostly women.

Our population is roughly 75 percent female.

Yes why is it mostly women what happened with yin and yang.

We don’t know the answer our selves there are many theories it’s more of a 50/50 percent when you look at it from a reproduction only point of view as most women that are in excess are very old and not interested in having a mate.

To be clear old but still in a 20 year old body yes.

Some older women in a 20 year old body and others in older looking bodies it all depends on what they want to look like the reason why most babies are female is also coming from the spirit side so cloning doesn’t work because there is no one to inhabit a male body if most souls are interested in being female everything here is for women nearly everything it’s easier to have a project as a woman because you are more respected in a professional this shouldn’t be I know but it’s how it is a woman is very respected in science and art circles and men not so much so because Taygeta men are mostly interested in love and relationships romance and sports entertainment and rarely in science and politics as an example so even if there are many more women here most are not interested in men when the men nearly all are interested in women so it is balanced.

What is your in native language what is it similar to

Our native language is Taygeta Pleiadian in similar to earth Navajo language with a touch of Japanese the language is verbal telepathic this means that individual words are loaded with extensive telepathic data and meanings each word is a vehicle for the telepathic load we talk with our mouths like you do but as we talk we also load details to other words passing close to 1,000 percent more data than a normal earth language does per phrase.

Wow I love Native American language by the way.

That’s because it comes from Taygeta because of the influence we had there with Native American cultures.

I see, can we said that you are from our future because some contactees contact with beings from the future as they say.

That means a very long explanation there is no future it’s all occurring now it’s just your perception and your frequency that determines what you are experiencing in here now in one way or another yes it can be said that we are from the future but not from Earth we are not earth humans from the future.

Yes those concepts are always very difficult for us to understand ok so you are not earth humans from the future not time travelers not us traveling back in time as some people claim.

Well essentially to travel through space using a warp drive engine is time travelling.

Yes I understand that but I mean you are not earth people that advanced several hundreds of years and came back right.

Right, We are not we are kind boss from Lyrian descent but we are another race and other people another culture.

You and humans here are both of Lyrian descent.

Yes as well as many countless other civilizations with human looking people in them Lyrians are the oldest known human looking race.

Extraterrestrial Message/Taygeta (Pleiades): Who Are We? (1)

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