Archangel Metatron: Integrating These Transmissions

archangel metatron eraoflightdotcomGreetings.  It is I, Metatron.  I am here at this time to coordinate with you the coming transmissions that will be necessary for the evolution of this project.  Many angelics have been involved in the creation of this project.  As we proceed, we get into the information regarding the higher Rays of Creation. Certain states of consciousness are required to be able to integrate the information in a way that is desired and useful.

This integration requires you to step up in a way that allows your own personal energy field to escalate in a way that supports these transmissions so that the material can be taught, written and preserved for future times. It will be similar in the way it has been previously transmitted, but the material covered will be more complex and have energetic components attached to it that will require introspection and integration of the energetic patterns themselves. These are unspoken and unseen.

These integrations will take time between transmissions to occur.  I am telling you this so that you might allow this process to proceed in its necessary evolutionary process. These future transmissions are energetic in nature, as well as being brought through the spoken word.  Sixty percent of the transmission will be energetic in nature and you have only a small understanding about this. It will require some experiential venues for you to begin to be aware of what is transpiring.  This very much goes along with the spoken dialogue that is given.

The information that is given, along with the corresponding energetic patterns, will allow you to have experiences and knowings that will further escalate your state of conscious awareness. It allows you the understanding of how this material fits into the creative process.  You will have knowings about how to utilize these transmissions.

This will take place from here on.  I must warn you. Some of the information given through the spoken word may not be fully understood or integrated until the energetic configuration can be more fully integrated and the knowing begins to come to the higher mind.  You will, however, have very subtle awarenesses from time to time.  As you review and integrate the energetics, you will have certain awarenesses or knowings that occur to you prior to the next transmission that is given.

In the coming months the main teachers you will have will be Zadkiel and archangel Uriel, as well as Michael and myself.  There will be a presence of Melchizedek that will come into your awareness. That presence will support the knowing and the knowledge that is being given at this time.