The Antarians: Your Story

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomGreetings humanity, we are the Antarians, sending you warm greetings and well-wishes from a distant star, a different system. We have been observing your kind with keen intent and interest for we are eager to assess the most helpful ways that we can extend our hands of friendship, and our technologies.

Humankind has felt so alone for so long, which is why we wish to extend this greeting before a meeting, so that you can begin to get used to the idea that you are not alone and in fact, never have been. Many kinds and races are already on your planet and within your planet, nestled deep within inner earth, hollow earth and a myriad of caverns, hidden spaces. Many civilizations, much to un-learn, to re-learn. No. We are aware that it was part of the plan of the dark ones to cut off and create the illusion of separation and abandonment, but also it was part of the experiment that you all signed up for on a soul level. And as such contracts are expiring and coming for an update, as the new is being birthed, it is with great anticipation that we observe, we help, we guide when called upon.

We are recent additional members to the new galactic federation coalition of worlds and we are eager to connect, to show our love and solidarity as part of the ascension mission of Team Gaia. For we have experienced much war and pain on our planet eons ago and have ascended above all of that nonsense, but truly it was an ascension of a much different kind. It was an ethereal ascension, and as most planets do, ours went supernova, such that the higher dimensional form could be experienced. And so, it is with great delight that we see your dear water planet of such extreme beauty holding up so very well under immense pressure. She and those upon her are indeed all holding up very well. Many hands on many control panels are assisting with this, guiding, lessening the energies, redirecting them in part and honing them to the utmost perfect frequency. Truly you have massive help, although currently somewhat invisible it will not be so for long, if that is the experience that you choose. We see much brightness in your future and we are very eager to connect.

We are the Antarians. We are of different form, do not be alarmed. You may feel our feathery feelers caress your cheek as we talk for we do tend to get a bit carried away with excitement and feelers move just as your hands do when you are excited and sharing a story.

You, on Team Gaia, are a part of the most stupendous story of this space quadrant, and one could argue that the universe has ever seen. And so, as you are still writing your story, and we are waiting in the bleachers to see how it will play out, it is most exciting. We have excellent healing machines, excellent tech of speed, which will be shared only at the most perfect and appropriate time as deemed by Prime Creator.

We very much wish to adhere perfectly to the universal laws of contact. We would say of first contact, but it is arguably a bit late for that, for so many of the galactics are now pleasantly waving in your skies and many on the ground are offering tangible assistance and protection to the ground team who keeps plodding on.

Thank you ground team. You all would be a part of our super hero comic book if we had one. We are of very different form than your humanoid form. Do not be alarmed. We are insectoid in nature but we are wise, ascended, loving, brave. We are eager to share our stories and learnings with the ascended human collective at the most proper moment. Until then, we extend our arms in friendship and offer our blessing of peace. We are the Antarians.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl