Era of Light Report For 6/22/2019

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy).

All continues to move forward, so we tell you to hold your light. Yes, there are arrests happening as we speak. There are changes to the banking system being made. There are countless of secret meetings going on from the Alliance’ side. And there are major preparations and final decisions being made off planet as to how lightworkers will be approached.

The question that still remains, is it enough, what is going on behind the scenes on the Alliance’s side? Have they changed directions one too many times? Are they being too nice to the Cabal? We will all find out shortly.

Trump’s Gold Standard

Trump has also made a killing as a gold investor. After the U.S. government legalized private gold ownership in 1975, Trump was an aggressive buyer. He bought in at around $185 an ounce. Then, as he’s noted. » Source

How to Make Yourself Lucid Dream Tonight

Our understanding of lucid dreams has advanced significantly in the last decade. Various techniques have been developed and tested to induce. Dreams can often be confusing and blurry experiences. » Source

Open Contact

Commander Ashian: There are millions of ships here, some are the size of planets, and some are very much smaller. Some will coordinate larger scale, formal introductions and some will be much … softer, gentler… one-to-one meetings, on the ground, on your ground, so that you may see us and interact with us and understand that we are, in so many ways, just like you. » Source

Hollywood Sex Cult Leader Found Guilty on All Counts

The jury in Brooklyn federal court found Raniere guilty on all counts in the seven-week trial, including racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, attempted sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy according to the New York Post. » Source


Ashtar: We need you to understand that the dark is attempting to sway your minds with disinformation. They use social media platforms in order to accomplish this, Facebook being the most popular for lightworkers. But it is not limited to that. » Source

Imagining World Humanism

We share this world with many other life forms that we can physically see, and not physically see, yet these life forms are not included by mainstream science as life forms having sentient intelligence, or as entities that have souls. » Source

Allow the light to flow through and around you. Release all distractions. With this not only are you being pulled up but you are also helping bring the higher light into our world.

In this process there is no going back. We are way past that timeline. You only have two options; be the higher light and experience the change smoothly, or be a lower form of light and find the exit.

Your focus right now should be on NOTHING but YOU. WITHIN you precisely. Dig within until that source of light from within bursts into the open.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!