Yeshua: Practice Proper Humility

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newLoved people,

Now you are starting to lift your wings and move towards self-determination, self-awareness and freedom. There are many temptations along the way – and a lure carries a special danger: the lure of power.

Through your cognitive work, you acquire skills that seemingly elevate you above other people.

You gain strength that many of your fellow human beings do not yet have, and you know the way, while the great masses are wandering about.

That which sets you apart can become a new hurdle and a great burden if you do not use it responsibly, wisely and appropriately.

The path from powerlessness to power carries a danger: ego centering.

Self-righteousness or self-glory destroy every spiritual development.

Serves the least and avoids tyranny

That is, instead of applying the power given to you or the power you have acquired amicably and humbly, you use it for yourselves. Just as you yourself were once tyrannized, you now begin to tyrannize your own environment or your followers.

Overbearing masters, imperfect gurus, or ego-driven healers are increasingly on the rise, and instead of humbly serving people, they satisfy their own unsaved need for prestige and power.

Yes, the Son of Man has come to serve humanity – and so you too will be given power and power to serve the people.
Yes, the Son of Man stayed among the people to guide the people following his trail on how to deal with the newly gained power.

JJK: “Everyone should use the gift that God has given him for the benefit of others.” (1 Peter 4:10)

JESUS ​​CHRIST: For the sake of others, it is never to bask in your own light, but to make your light available to your neighbor. If you are admired, celebrated or worshiped, you should not touch it any more than if you are little appreciated, opposed or disobeyed.

Although you can create the kingdom of heaven on this earth, my kingdom of heaven is not of this world!

And it is created only by men who humbly send out their light and protect their wings over humanity.

To serve is to use His power wisely and humbly, and not to raise oneself above the least under the sun of God.

Practice proper humility by lighting your light on the hillside to illuminate the human being, not to blind them.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl