Era of Light Report For 7/4/2019

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj(KayRy).

Many write to inspire, to bring truth, to uplift as many people as they can, and so do I, for the same reasons. For indeed upliftment of spirits in these times is greatly needed in our world, in any way, shape or form. So here I am.

I can tell you about America’s past, her present and or her future. Oh how would you know what the future holds for this country you may ask? But I do know. Because America’s future is Earth’s future. And Earth’s future is one of light, love, peace and prosperity for all.

Cobra Update: Flower of Life

In the last few months since mid-April, planet Earth was fluctuating between the gamma timeline (Light Intervention) and delta timeline (Planetary Annihilation). All intel about this was strictly classified as too much focus on negative timeline would increase the probability of its manifestation. » Source


Yeshua: A topic that I think many of you are thinking about. What is meant by salvation and what is meant by forgiveness? Can one rule out the other? Is the one who is saved free from forgiveness? Yes, they dispute the scholars. Can a saved man ever sin? » Source

Ending Bank Bailouts

More than three million Kazakhs will have personal debts cancelled. Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said he’ll write off bad loans held by a sixth of the central Asian country’s population, while signaling a sharp change in policy to end costly state bailouts of private banks. » Source

Weaving Your Universal Tapestry Piece

For even though you might be concerned about your need to rest for the next energy burst, you are doing so without fearing you did something wrong or that you will never transition. » Source

Gold Surges

After several unsuccessful attempts to put his preferred candidates on the Fed’s board, moments ago Donald Trump announced that he intends to nominate Christopher Waller, who is currently the Executive VP and Director of Research, at the St. Louis Fed, to the board of the Federal Reserve. » Source

Ascended Masters Activating

Today, the Masters, spread all across the globe, are swiftly awakening at this point in time when global power has been consolidated “using blackmailed sickos who were slowly elevated in rank to the top. » Source

The shadows are quickly disappearing, and with them their false creations. Now everything for the good of the people is all ready in place. We await nothing but a push of the button. A *reset *on *all *levels has been a long journey, but most certainly worth while. And the last piece completing the puzzle is the financial reset, here now.

That is all for today!

Happy Fourth of July! Let the celebrations begin!