Goddess of Creation: Hidden Potentials

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomFrequently we seek to create change in our lives. While there are many reasons we may have for change, sometimes we are pulled back into what we have in the past because that is our vibration. Sound familiar? It is! We so often hear about why we are not manifesting what we seek, however, we are not always given ways to make changes. This channel helps you to understand the vibration for what you are conscious about, what you are UNconscious about and then merge this into what you seek to have.

Everything in life has a vibration. Sometimes you know exactly what this impact is for you, sometimes it is very unclear. s you practice becoming aware of your vibration you will be much more in tune with yourself and therefore able to create change on a deeper, more long-lasting level. This channel also gives you a chance to understand what your unconscious vibration is doing. This is a very powerful tool because as you continuously make changes in your life if there is an unconscious vibration of doom or negativity or lack, etc., it will counteract everything you are doing. Bringing the unconscious into conscious is a means of clearing out at a very deep level. Then as you merge this energy with the potential you create a huge change takes place.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out as always when we gather together as a group. I invite your energy to come into this space with me and I invite you to open up and feel the unconditional flow of love and light that I send to this person speaking with me and I send it out to each one of you. May you know the love that is ever present for you. May you know that there is always a potential; there is always an opportunity available to you.

As I’ve watched people over the last few weeks upon the earth, I wish to speak about potentials because so often people will get into that little box and that box comes from what your reality is. Potentials come from the creation, be it something new or something different; so when there is a discrepancy between your reality and your potentials they can have a form of disconnect that is created within you.

From that disconnect frequently people will move into depression, frustration, anger, whatever those emotions are that tend to hold you down or keep you from being in a space that feels happy and flowing and light.

I would therefore say to you, while we are still fully grounded on the earth, take a moment to consider your reality and consider your potentials.

I like to say this now because frequently this can change when we go back and look at it in the All That Is. This is frequently all about the reality when you’re on the earth plane and potentials become more, just that dream or that wish that people may have as if it somewhere out there and unattainable. Therefore in this now moment, I invite you to just breathe deeply into potentials being known or unknown and just let that flow through you. Let it move into your physical body and just let it flow through you in this now moment.

What I am noticing taking place with many of you is that you can see how quickly your reality is able to change. There are many that feel as if their reality is rigid and unchangeable, however, the truth of the matter is or the potential of the matter is that your reality is actually quite flexible. It can change, minute by minute if need be if you are in a space of a lot of flux. It can also change due to a deep-seated desire, be it known or unknown, that potential is here. ~ Whew~

Take a deep breath in sending that breath of energy and light through you; let it go all the way down into the earth. As you breathe within yourself and you feel that cord of light and that cord of energy come through you align yourself to feel grounded. Allow yourself to merge with Gaia so that the vibration of the earth is able to anchor you within this space. The more that you are anchored the greater your consciousness can expand into the higher vibrations.

You let the energies of the earth flow through you, they move up and you send that energy up through the top of your head. As you do so you come into this space of your higher self.

As you feel the energy of what that is you begin to feel as if you are expanding. Sometimes this place can be very cluttered and if there are many things here that are no longer serving you ~whew~ clear it out.

Take a moment and just feel your vibration and feel the essence of you as it is moving through.

You allow that vibration and that stream of consciousness to go even further. It’s as if it moves from your higher self up into the space of the soul plane. There is a thread of energy and light that links you the human to you as your soul. As it does so, you feel yourself merging with your divinity.

And as you allow your focus and your vibration to merge with your divinity you can feel your consciousness moving out or moving even deeper into who you are.

Your soul is the part of you that lives forever. Each time that you have an incarnation upon the earth it comes from this source, this part of you that is unique, that is only you. In this now moment, feel as if or just let your consciousness expand in such a way that you feel that loving embrace from your soul.

When you feel this energy or you feel this alignment, it will most likely even come down all the way into your human self.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I reach out to you and I embrace you, you as your soul, you as the human. As our energies merge with one another, we move into the All That Is. Feel the expansion that takes place within this space. Know who you are. Look at the opportunities that are all around you.

As we have created this space with you, we, meaning I the Goddess and God energy, the Angels, the light beings; but mostly you as your soul. So as a group energy we have created plus many, many other energies the All That Is and for each of you the space in which you return is your place of creation. Every creation has its own vibration, therefore if you have created for yourself the experience of lack, then it’s a vibration for everything that has to do with lack in your life, be it lack of money, lack of family, lack of home, lack of job. Lack in any sort is a particular vibration and as we are looking at this with you, you will see that those in that same experience are in a particular place.

If you seek to experience love, love is quite diverse, so as you look at people where that is their focus you will see that there is quite a large vibration. There is unconditional love, there is the love of partners, parents, and children, friendship, there is the love that is not healthy but it is perceived as love. So as you look at love and as we are looking at these vibrations with you it is as if there is this large bubble out here in the All That Is and within that vibration people are having experience after experience after experience. Perhaps some of that is with you. I would then invite you to just take a moment as if you are opening up a doorway or as if you are opening up the energy around you and ask to be shown, “What is my vibration teaching me in this now moment?”

Okay, there are many of you that immediately recognize that your vibration is most likely teaching you multiple things at the same time. There were some people that there was an overriding experience and that was their focus right now. And then there were others that it was “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”, “a little over here and a little over there” and everything became mishmash.

Everybody living upon the earth has multiple vibrations that radiate from them and that impact them at any given moment, therefore I’m asking you in this now moment to kind of weed away those things that may be distractions or those things that are not quite as impactful in this now moment and ask to know, what is the most predominant vibration that is affecting you in this now moment? There we go.

I saw for many of you there is a great deal of clarity that now comes into your awareness. As you consider this ask yourself, does it make you feel happy? Does it make you excited? Does it generate fear? Does it generate boredom? What emotions are most pronounced as you take in the vibration of this reality? Ask yourself, is there a particular lesson I need to know from this vibration?

As you ask that question just let the energies flow past you. I ask you to once again look at the most predominant vibration, this time asking the question; is this supporting me in my life?

For many of you, there is a yes or no, it’s immediate and for others where they think or the perspective is “Yes, it helps a little. Not necessarily over here”. At this point, we just want to take in the vibrations of your reality.

If you could have a sense of putting it all within a little box and shifting it to the side for a moment as if we have a clean slate in front of you.

Considering that you were just talking about or recognizing the more predominant vibration, I now ask you, what vibration is unconscious within you that is having an effect upon you?

I ask your consciousness to open up the door or open up the window that it may come to you for you to understand.

As I said that to each of you it was a swoosh or this wave of energy that went through everybody. Some of it, you might have become aware of, some of it, it remains unconscious.

So I’m hearing, take in a deep breath allowing your focus to once again go within and step away from trying to figure anything out and as if you have a key, as I ask you again, what is an unconscious vibration or reality or truth, whatever you want to call it; and if you need to turn the key to open up that door, I invite you to do so, that you may understand what unconscious vibrations are having an effect upon you.

Now then let’s take that, for the moment placing it in a box and shifting it to the side, also you have the vibration of which you are most conscious and the vibration of which you are unconscious, both of which are having an effect upon you. I wish for you now with that knowledge or that information suspend it to the side to then on a new slate cleaning it all off, this time knowing that you have this vibration and this energy around you, here within the All That Is from your deepest heart, what do you seek to have in your life? And open up the door and let that flow within this space.

If there is any ego or any energy attachments to it because it’s something you’ve for before, clear them out. And again as you open to see what this is for you, open up your vibration and if you look at this potential, allow the energies to flow. This may be quite different than what you have thought about before. This may take you in a totally different direction, however, as this potential rests in front of you simply feel the vibration of what it is.

All right, as you have created this alignment with this potential, we consider the influences of the vibration that you are very conscious of and the influences of the vibrations of which you are unconscious and with both of those we want to have a sense of creating this flow that goes from the unconscious into what you create and then this flow that goes from the conscious into what you create so that it’s like it becomes a layered or a woven pattern. And that which you are consciously creating for yourself a potential that you would like to have becomes merged with the vibrations of which you are most conscious and unconscious. And you may wonder why, why do that?

The reason is that it is the vibration that you emanate which is creating your life and if you continuously seek to manifest something that is completely outside of your vibration it becomes something that is frustrating and disappointing to you.

As we are here in the All That Is in this immense expansion, as you weave together that which you seek to create with that of which you are conscious and unconscious, you create the vibration that will then be in alignment with you. I also ask you to be open and if necessary let go what is not in your best interest. Even if it’s something you thought you always wanted, let go what no longer serves you. As you let it go you are opening to something even better that will come into you. Take a deep breath in, and then breathe out.

As you feel your consciousness merging with this potential, allow yourself to adjust to the vibration. It may feel as if there are little particles of energy that are being cleared out as this adjustment takes place.

You are creating a new reality using the potentials and the vibrations that are not only your everyday reality but also the reality of the All That Is.

Take a moment as if you go inside and as if you consider what you are seeking to manifest in your life or you are seeking, as your life, this is your life. Just feel that vibration as it moves through you as it’s moving through every layer of your consciousness, as is moving through everything within and around you. Watch yourself feel what that is. There is a vibration. There is a flow.

~ Whew~ I felt this surge of energy move through everyone that is present. You have created a significant change in this now moment, therefore, your reality as you know it will also undergo a change. Be gentle with yourself. Be loving with yourself. See what this may be. Feel or accept a new reality as it comes to you.

I feel as if many of you will continue to integrate this for the next minutes or hours, however, I invite everyone to come back together as a group.

As you join me within this space, what I notice is that as each one of you has created a new potential you are also creating a new alignment with the vibration of the earth. As I look at everyone here and there’s that hologram of the earth comes up within you it is aligning at a higher vibration which is integrating into the earth or will integrate into the earth at that higher level of perspective.

I invite each one of you to send the potential that you just worked on plus any others into this hologram. We also see a wave of love and a wave of light that the potentials for love, light, and balance may also go into this hologram and as it does so you release it. There is that part that flows out into the universe and the remainder flows down into the earth.

As this hologram moves into the earth you see as it aligns with the matrix that surrounds the earth. It’s like this impulse of light just moves through. It then goes down into the center of the earth and as it does so it links merging with the center of the earth and then it moves outward. As all of this potential and this vibration is moving through every level of reality, it’s clearing out what has laid dormant or no longer working for people and it replaces it with the vibration of balance and potentials.

Each one of you bring it up within you through that place in which you anchor parts of the channel. It also flows through everything that is Gaia. The potentials that everyone may transform, the potentials and the opportunities to integrate love, balance, just that infinite wisdom of the universe is all flowing within everybody.

It moves through the matrix that comes up out of the earth as it moves through the crystalline grid as it came into the earth. It is creating change, clearing out the old so that every person may find that which truly serves them. It is your vibration, it is your potential. Breathe deeply anchoring all of your energies within you. You bring back the rest of your consciousness. As it flows through your divinity you recognize where you have picked up more of your own vibration and that comes into you.

As you continue to integrate allow yourself this opportunity to just breathe gently and easily letting whatever that potential was for you, be it conscious or unconscious, let all of it move through you. Let it all be present within you. Open to receive.

As you’re moving into the solstice which is coming up in the next few days allow those energies that really can amplify everything within your world, be it winter or summer, allow those energies to really amplify your understanding of your vibration.

Open to those potentials that may be hidden from you. Open to the awareness that your vibration is creating your reality. Open to that which is unconscious just as that of which you are conscious letting everything create your truth and your reality as you are living your life

Beloved family knows that I am always with you and within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net