Tsunami of Change

we are ne love eraoflightdotcomWell for the past 2 hours I have been looking at the charts and wondering how to play this out, Moon is moving over Regulus, a highly fortunate star, the sun is now in the orb with Sirius, another star to bring fortune, and the moon is trine Jupiter, more fortune.

Sun is still due some solar winds, possibly today or tomorrow but at present we are still in the super high frequencies of the cosmic rays delivering our codes for Phase 2 of this incredible shift after the Eclipse.

However with this fortune in the air, there still feels like a lot of restriction within this eclipse gateway.

A feeling of run for the hills, as you would knowing there is a tsunami heading in of yet more change.

Like the earth is trembling, and something is impending, I’ve just seen the news with California’s earthquake and this feels highly significant, especially on the 4th July, which is after all a highly distorted celebration of narcisstic abuse.

Mercury retrograde is now fast approaching which will be conjunct Mars our planet of War whilst squaring Uranus our planet of surprise.

This all feels rather agitated as it walks us into the lunar eclipse on the 16th.

A passageway of change of the highest Order

I feel like I’m looking at still water and yet completely aware that to take a dip would not be of my best interest, as I look at the signpost that warns of powerful undercurrents

Does that make sense?

How do we surf this?

Ok we completely take our foot off the gas, we move within to the place of zero point, we observe Self and the feelings within and begin to take action as anything misaligned appears, firstly by going within and asking why have I manifested this, what do I need to see or understand about myself.

Detachment from the physical noise and drama and keep your eye on the peace, joy and happiness that expands you.

Everyone is going through some magnificent changes, this leaves the collective field warbling and it can feel rather unsettling or confusing. Decisions are being made to be actioned, relationships are breaking down, careers changing, it’s just non stop and from this a space is being created for the new….only the fear, the apprehension appears to be building as folk go deeper into their separation and fear programs.

Your best friend and guidance will be found within, listen very carefully and follow the internal compass…..it’s a fortunate day says the planets 💙💙💙


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