Message from John the Baptist: How Can The World Be Saved?

john the baptist eraoflightdotcom.jpgRama once went to Vashistha, his guru, and asked, “How can the world be saved?” And Vashishta answered him, “Go into the forest and fight all the demons to protect the weak and helpless. This is Karma Yoga, through it alone you can be successful in life.

You should return to your countries, multiply your numbers and serve your country. You should stand for the truth and spread the message of service to the world. “(Babaji, September 19, 1983, From: Babaji Speaks: Prophecies and Teachings)

• Today you are sent to bring your light to the people and to carry your love into their hearts.

• Today you are being sent on the journey, to those who need your wisdom the most and who are attracted to the truth that spreads to them.

• Today the time of silent contemplation is over and the time to light the light on the hill has come true.

• Today is the moment you have long been working for, and that means:

Go to the people in the world.

It’s important to be prepared and tuned to that – and that’s what this message is about.

I am the one you know as JOHN THE BAPTIST. But I am also the one you do not yet know, and who, like each of you, comes closer and closer to his own perfection, life after life.

I am in the middle of you.

The introductory words of MAHAVATAR BABAJI, Master of All Masters, show us all the way.
“How can the world be saved?”

And Vashishta answered him, “Go into the forest and fight all the demons to protect the weak and helpless.”

The forest stands for your innermost.

The forest conveys silence, solidarity with everything that is, and with yourself. But with the forest also fears can be associated. Namely, when it is dark in the forest and you are not familiar with it, then when unknown threats lurk.

There in the forest, it’s your innermost, you meet yourself and therefore your demons. It is your own demons that you first perceive and conquer in the sequence. Then you are ready to protect the weak and helpless – not sooner, but then fully.

Therefore, in the first part of this message, I direct your undivided attention to putting yourself in a veritable state, meaning demons, they are the whispers of low-pitched ideas to silence in you.

“Go to the forest”,

means go into yourself and look at your fears, your fear and your dramas. Open for the reflections.

Because the forest has the power of everything – which does not swing in the high light, every little timidity, whether imaginary or true – to reflect. Start this journey before thinking of another journey. This is your first duty, if you want to serve people and spread the truth. Eliminate your demons, unfold and be free.

At this point we stop briefly. Please look into it now and test your willingness to enter your innermost, the forest – and when. Are you ready for further steps to redeem demons, then say YES, I WANT!

Now you do not need to do any more, because your cosmic family will arrange everything as soon as you get involved.


Pause …

As you emancipate and remove yourself from your unwanted companions, the truth begins to fill you.

At first you may be wrong, you may often proclaim “YOUR truth” instead of “the truth”. But with time and with practice, you will be tied to the source. Not you will speak, but it will be spoken by you, not you will think, but it will be thought through you, and not you will feel, but feelings will be transmitted to you from the high realms of light, the highest place of God.

If you are an empty vessel, then God fills his nectar.

I tell you, many people today are willing to serve as a source of light for fellow human beings.

Many are ready to announce the truth, even if it is often not the whole truth or their own truth.

Anyone who has reached a certain degree of inner realization is invited today to reveal it to the people.

For this world is not saved by your silence, by inaction or by accepting unacceptable states. No!

This world is being changed by the light of truth emanating from each and every one of you.

Do the following:

1) Continue your own healing and awareness work. This remains the top priority.

2.) Do not wait until you are enlightened, but now share your abilities, your wisdom, and your current spiritual knowledge with all the people who are open to it.

3.) Do not push anyone, but always represent your truth when it seems necessary.

Do not hide your light any longer, even if it has not yet reached all the radiance.
For the truth

“You should stand for the truth and spread the message of service to the world.”

To enter for the truth is to pass on what is the truth for you at a certain time. Do not be confused or distracted by possible mistakes.

You are not getting closer to the truth by standing for fear of mistakes, but only by maturing on the path of truth.

This means walking and gratefully accepting the teachings as well as the teachers that the path holds for you.

With every step you come closer to the truth of God, and with each step “YOUR truth” transforms and it becomes more and more like the ONE truth.

Some people are put off and become unsure of the first mistake they make.

Life is instructive to the one who gets involved, not to the one who hides.

Learning is only possible when people share their accumulated knowledge, their already acquired understanding of ALL-WAS-IST with their fellow human beings. Never assume that your knowledge, your wisdom, must be absolute before you can address the Word to the people. This leads to stagnation on all terrestrial levels.

Share your acquired knowledge and your acquired experiences with the fellow human beings, because only this can manifest the collective spiritual development.

To act with mindfulness and humility.

Always humbly step on it.

Humility means: Respect the desire and the will of the individual. Pay attention to what is wanted and wanted.

Never cross a border that people have built for reasons you do not need to know.

Do not proselytize and preach, but inspire people by recognizing their need and responding with love. Be gentle, compassionate, with love and with all your heart.

Be a good friend to those who do not understand you! Do not judge or judge, not even those who judge and condemn you.

Remain in love, she has the power to repair or avert karmic harm and stop energetic impurities.

The message is: live in the world and for the world. Live with the people and for the people.

Live your life in the spirit of your spiritual mission.

“Go into the forest every day”, the place in your heart where now all the conflicts that will reflect the world later, take place.

Yes I will!

A loved person,

Do you want to be a light to humanity and love to yourself?


Do you want to get closer and closer to God and achieve your own perfection?


Do you want to serve the truth, with all your heart and with all your soul?


Do you want to be who you are and continue the path of self-realization to the last gate – where you discard everything that binds you to this world?

Then come and love you as you are now, and appreciate the wisdom that you now possess. Because the truth has three siblings: wisdom, freedom and love.

With wisdom, you should spread them and be aware of your freedom, even in headwinds. But only through your love you become credible for the people – and only through your love you reach their hearts.

Even the absolute truth needs love, so that the hearts of the people can be touched by it.

Everything is useless without love, so the song of love sings:

The Song of Love

Paul, 1 Corinthians, chapter 13:

If I spoke with human tongues and with angelic tongues, but love would not have, I would be a sounding ore or a shrill ring.

And if I had the prophetic gift and knew all the secrets and all the insights and if I had all faith so that I could move mountains, but love would not, I would be nothing.

And if I gave away all my possessions and gave up my body to burn, but had no love, then it would not help me.

Love is long-suffering, kindness is love, she is not jealous, love does not brag, she does not puff up. She does not act tactlessly, she does not seek her own advantage, she does not let herself be angered, she does not bear the evil. She does not enjoy the injustice, but rather enjoys the truth.

Everything endures her, everything she believes, everything she hopes, everything endures her. Love never stops.

Prophetic speech ends once, tongues speech is silent, knowledge passes. For piecemeal is our cognition and fragmentary our prophecies.

But when the perfect comes, then the piecemeal is done.

When I was a kid, I talked like a kid, I thought like a kid, judging like a kid. But when I became a man, I took off everything that was childish about me.

Now we see everything in a mirror mysterious, but then face to face. Now I recognize piece by piece, but then I will fully recognize, as I have been completely recognized.

But now faith, hope, love, these three remain; but most of all is love. (Paul, 1 Corinthians, chapter 13, HERDER Bible 2005)

A loved person,

The path is illuminated. God is with us all the time and HE encounters us in fellow human beings who line this path or who walk with us.

Realize what life is. Be always committed to the truth and completely surrendered to love. It enlightens the mind of men, touches people’s hearts, and achieves God alone.

I stay with you all the time and to the brink of eternity.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl