Exploring Infinite Love

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe majesty and precision of each heartbeat is astounding. The sheer magnitude of countless elements and conditions coming together to make this moment possible is beyond our comprehension. From the cosmic interplay that birthed our planet, to the unimaginable intricacy of our own body dynamically orchestrating innumerable interactions, while simultaneously interrelating with the world around us, allowing us to be physically present right here and now. This gift of life grants us the opportunity to create with imagination and thought, expanding the very nature of our being through our experiences. The magnificence of our reality is awe-inspiring and uniting it all, is the infinite love that animates us at our core.

Alas, this simple, yet grand awareness, seems to elude us in our daily lives. We have become so individual in our perspective that we appear to have forgotten the amazing dance of life we are always a part of. It is as if we identify as a drop of water in the ocean, and neither see nor realize the ocean of love is also a part of us. Although it is ultimately impossible to be truly separate, we long ago created the idea that somehow we are, and this limiting perspective manifests in many of the challenges we face today. This false sense of disconnect from the whole, limits our true collective potential on this earth and impedes our ability to find new creative ways to move forward.

We can better understand how this came to be when we acknowledge our ever-increasing reliance on our incomplete sensory feedback of everything around us and our corresponding hyper focus on our external reality. The more we allowed our mind to interpret our experiences and deliver conclusions, the less we engaged our intuitive and naturally-connected aspect of our heart that is forever in tune with love itself. In this intensifying imbalance we formulated limiting beliefs that were passed through generations, becoming the cultural stories and perspective we learn to base our lives on. This bias in our reality cannot sustain itself and we are experiencing the effects of this faulty premise.

It takes both aspects of heart and mind in balance to be fully alive, present and aware within our reality. This is how nature thrives and how we are meant to actively participate. Life is inclusive and designed to be a joy of creation and an expression of love that enhances our wellbeing and that of the everything around us. This love is unconditional and pervades every facet of our experience. It is always present within us and awaits our choice to flow it in who we are and all we do.

Each of us has the opportunity before us to explore our reality from a fresh perspective – one that includes love in each thought and feeling and imbues this amazing energy into every creation and encounter. It begins with our personal intention and desire to reconnect to the love we are and to consciously manifest this in our own reality, knowing that by doing so, we are enhancing the ocean with our love.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation

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